Embrace the Drama With ImageChef User of the Month for September 2015 ƈαɳԃყϝαƈҽԋԋԋ**૩!

samp067e10ddf117378bLove drama and dancing? With the onset of Fall and everyone back in school and back at work, we could all use some drama and dancing to keep things interesting right? If you’re a fan of these exciting activities, you’re going to adore our ImageChef User of the Month for September 2015 ƈαɳԃყϝαƈҽԋԋԋ**૩!
purf73d23d30cc5ca19ƈαɳԃყϝαƈҽԋԋԋ**૩ is based in the United States, where she fully engages in her passions, and they aren’t just limited to drama and dancing! This multi-faceted lady loves her faith, candy, and pop stars too.
purfb007f67d4d79b68The adorable Ariana Grande is one of ƈαɳԃყϝαƈҽԋԋԋ**૩‘s faves, and she enjoys grooving and making remixes based off her favorite songs. Which starlet do you invest your hope, your love, your life in?
51a957d03f60c876A positive thinker, ƈαɳԃყϝαƈҽԋԋԋ**૩ has strong faith and belief in the good in her life, she invests her hope in her family, friends and spirituality. This true believer knows there is always a light to be found in the darkness.
28e96f86effa4d70And who doesn’t love a little hard candy sweetness? We are smitten with ƈαɳԃყϝαƈҽԋԋԋ**૩‘ sugary kindness and lust for life! Keep up to date with her latest updates by following her ImageChef profile, and till next time, keep jamming!

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Best Month Ever With ImageChef User of the Month for August 2015 özge!

b707d2aad8a34c16Was August 2015 the very best month of your life ever!? We at ImageChef sure hope so, we had a fantastic one! August is always so ripe with promise, sandwiched in between July and September, the whole month is solidly summer, and filled with inspired moments, memorable experiences, and gorgeous warm weather. In an effort to encapsulate the energy behind this majestic month, we’ve carefully selected our ImageChef User of the Month for August 2015 based off her undeniable charisma: Meet özge!713e81e4a270fc48Hailing from Turkey, özge knows how to get the ‘Remix Party’ started with her stellar energetic ImageChef creations. An avid user of our suite of tools since 2009, we find her work to be positively influential in the community!
A colorful personality özge‘s remixes touch on style, celebrities, and emotions. We are huge fans of this colorful hair remix long before pastel and rainbow locks were a trend!
7cb9a6c7891a23a5As a lover of music, it is no surprise that özge adores miss Rihanna, a singer with a fabulous personality, admirable charisma, and endless creativity. özge displays many of these same traits…soul sisters anyone?

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Living a Rich Life With ImageChef’s User of the Month for July 2015 •°* LULU *°•

84762a40b7d04b05Life is never quite what you expect to be, but oftentimes it is even better! Learning to recognize what is really important, and learning to let go of the silly things can be a huge life skill, one that takes time to master. That’s why when we stumbled upon  •°* LULU *°•, our ImageChef User of the Month for July 2015 we were thoroughly impressed with her lovely outlook on life.6a470b8f02ab8622Hailing from United Arab Emirates •°* LULU *°• has been shedding wisdom upon the ImageChef community since 2009, and her creations have only gotten more heart-warming and inspired in recent years! 6aca89b245330570A unique understanding of priorities and how she wants to live her life exudes from •°* LULU *°•‘s colorful creations, freedom, love, and people clearly are wildly important to her.f5954e2343a056adExpressing yourself through art can be a great way to get out your emotions and better understand them, and •°* LULU *°• owns this tactic, sharing her hopes, fears, insights and heart through her content. 9745048173bce4dfAnd probably most importantly •°* LULU *°• knows how to let go and say ‘So What’ when things don’t go her way. A true mentor to the rest of us still searching for patience love and meaning, •°* LULU *°• is definitely worth following on ImageChef.

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Go Crazy for Love, Friendship & Summer with ImageChef User of the Month for May 2015!

Now that it’s summer, we don’t have to go stir crazy anymore and can devote our efforts to going crazy over more important things like love, friendship and ImageChef! Before one goes crazy it is quite important to remember that you can go crazy with or without style, and ImageChef’s User of the Month for May 2015 ★★MaaRcHeeLaa★★ is overflowing with wacky inspiration!
Crazy creative ★MaaRcHeeLaa★★ is from Mexico, and much like her home her ImageChef creations are colorful, passionate, and sincere. She’s been using ImageChef since 2010, and is a true visual guru skilled at mixing colors, effects, text and images.
An honorable friend and very passionate about love, ★★MaaRcHeeLaa★★‘s remixes meander through a wealth of emotional topics. ★★MaaRcHeeLaa★★s ideas demonstrate that she is constantly exuding hope and seeking to find the good in the world around her.
In addition to being a true blue friend, ★★MaaRcHeeLaa★★ also has a variety of hobbies and interests, one of which is music! One of her favorites is Demi Lovato.
As we jump into June, remember to live your life to the fullest and be as passionate as ★★MaaRcHeeLaa★★! Follow her on ImageChef today to stay up to date with her latest and greatest updates, and till next time – stay crazy!
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True Emotion With ImageChef User of the Month for April 2015 Marina!

Peace and love go together like peanut butter and jelly, like ImageChef and all things creative, the natural match is sure to please. When talking of peace and love it comes to mind that these are truly some of the most sincere sentiments out there. It comes as no surprise that our ImageChef User of the Month for April 2015, Marina, has enough genuine emotion to go around, and we are more than happy to honor her and share the love.
oining the ImageChef community from lovely South Africa, Marina has been with us since 2013, and since then has shared her positive intense sentiments with her fellow ImageChef users on a daily basis. Her thought provoking remixes are inspiring and inquisitive all at once.
One of the unique things about Marina is her clever approach to creating and sharing templates with the ImageChef community. Her bright, intelligent creations will be of interest to users no matter their age, location or gender, bringing humans together with optimism.
s with my creative personalities Marina has a darker side as well. Some of her creations are delightfully chilling and intense.
Whatever the subject matter Marina chooses to tackle, we can always count on it being filled with true emotion and passion. Follow her on ImageChef.com today to keep up with her latest and greatest, and till next time in the eternal words of Journey, “hold on to that feeling“!

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