Holiday Spirit That Lasts With ImageChef User of the Month for November 2014 ♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥

2d7460c8fca51ea3December has arrived! It’s time to start perfecting your favorite seasonal cookie recipe and singing your favorite carols. Diving headfirst into the holidays is one way to light up your life and that is just what our User of the Month for November. It fills us with  joy and cheer to introduce you to ♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥, ImageChef‘s User of the Month for November 2014!


♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥ is from Venezuela, and has been mastering ImageChef’s tools and tricks since the beginning of 2014. She is now one of our most prolific users creating templates and stickers, and participating in our thriving community.


What stood out to us about ♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥ was her inspirational Holiday Spirit. Her account is already overflowing with content that celebrates the fantastic celebrations yet to come. From Christmas to New Years she’s got us covered, and it’s only December 1st!


Enamored by all things mystical, common themes in ♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥‘s remixes include fairies, unicorns and magic. Her fascination and exploration of these elements has us intrigued, along with the rest of the ImageChef community.


Bringing more than just magic to the table, ♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥ enjoys creating not only remixes for herself, but elements that the rest of the ImageChef community can enjoy. She’s been recognized by her peers for creating stunning stickers and original photo frames.


In between shopping for gifts and decorating your tree, make sure you keep in eye on ♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥‘s ImageChef profile to follow her exciting and ever changing stream of creations.

You can visit ♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥‘s profile on at her unique ImageChef URL: selvita212

Till next time…Enjoy the season!

September Sweetness at ImageChef


Hello again ImageChef friends! How has September 2014 been treating you thus far? For ImageChef it has been fantastic, our new family CyberLink have been helping us step up our game and make the ImageChef site you know and love better than ever. We hope you enjoy the new styles and updates, and always encourage and value your feedback, questions, or comments. Make sure to send any comments or suggestions that you have for our website or apps to – we’re always listening! As we rejoice in these exciting changes, we wanted to share a little bit of sweetness with our wonderful community, so open wide and get ready to take a bite out of some September sweetness!

samp983f6e54c1127996What is sweeter than a cappuccino to start of your day? Take a sip with our creamy Cappuccino Text Template.

fae43c2350b1a6b1As you slurp down your cappuccino, what could accompany it better than a delicious doughnut! ImageChef artist ♡αℓɪcɪα is serving some up with this sprinkle covered remix.


And if you give a someone a doughnut, they are OBVIOUSLY going to want some cookies. What kind of cookies you ask? Why chocolate chip of course! кιяα♥нσpε is baking up a batch just for you!

457358077255d14dsamp9b2ededeaf56a2d6And as we continue along the journey through treats of all sorts, we have to mention cupcakes and cake! ØLeydi(n_n) likes to give cupcakes to her friends, and ImageChef is always ready to celebrate your Birthday with our Birthday Cake Text Template!

df33b56c3fbcc5e4Lastly, don’t forget that healthy treats can be delicious too! Choose your favorite color apple with this remix by ImageChef artist Hend!

Are you hungry yet? Maybe it’s time for us to jump off the computer and have a bite. Till next time…enjoy the sweet eats and tasty treats of September!

Gifting New Templates for the Holidays at!

Tis’ the season…for gingerbread houses, sparkly Christmas lights, gifting and magic of all sorts! Since we’re feeling wrapped up in the Holiday spirit over here at ImageChef, we channeled our inspiration into some fantastic new templates for the season. However you spend your holidays, we are thankful for all your love and support of our website, and we hope these templates find you well!

First off we’ve got a new Gift Tag Ribbon text template for you to write your greetings on…

Next we’re taking holiday cheer to new heights with our Construction Crane Template!

Followed by a visit to a Winter Wonderland with our Winter Paper Cut frame.

And then it’s time to curl up with a cup of cocoa by the Christmas Tree with our Christmas Ornament photo frame.

Then we’re taking it to the streets, where we’ll brake for Gingerbread with our new Square Street Sign template.

Next it’s time to feel evergreen, with our new Christmas Tree text template.

And last but not least all we want for Christmas is you…and this great new Ribbon text template!

Merry Christmas from all of us at ImageChef! Head over to for more Holiday fun!

Slam Into Summer With These New Templates From ImageChef!

Summer 2013 has officially arrived! At ImageChef we’re slamming into the season with some fantastic new templates (like our new Beach Message Text Template, pictured above). This Memorial Day sit back, relax and take a tour of ImageChefs Summer Fun Collection!

First off, head to the Hollywood Hills and show off your Star Power with our Mountain Text Template:

Then celebrate Memorial Day right by taking your dreams to the sky with our new Balloons Text Template:

And makes sure to bring some treats to the celebration, with our Birthday Cupcake Text Template:

And when you’re out for a night on the town, post your message and a photo of your friends on a wall with our Peeling Poster Photo-Frame/Text Template:

And last but certainly not least, what is a Summer without love? Carve the name of that special someone into a tree with our awesome revamped Tree Heart Text Template:

Start your summer off right by getting all these Text Templates and more on!

Facebook Timeline Templates are all the rage at ImageChef!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a very sweet Valentine’s Day this week.

ImageChef, Facebook, Timeline, New Creative

As many of you already know, we recently released a great new feature that allows ImageChef users to create Facebook Timeline Profile Banners for their accounts once they have updated to Timeline View. Since releasing this great new feature, we’ve made some updates that will make our Timeline Cover Tool easier to use, and we wanted to share them with you…

First off, now you can send your newly created ImageChef Facebook Profile Banner Directly to a Facebook album from ImageChef by using Facebook Connect. If you haven’t done so already go try this out, it will make uploading your new Banner easy.

Additionally we have released a number of Facebook Timeline Banner Templates that you can pop your photos into. This allows you to create a Timeline Cover quickly even if you aren’t feeling super creative at the moment, simply insert your photos into one of these great templates!

Lastly we’ve compiled a collection of User Made Timeline Cover Templates. We were very impressed by the tremendous Banners our users have created over the last few weeks, Here are some of our Favorites:

Justin Bieber, Template, Facebook Banner, Updates
We all know two Bieber’s are better than one, and ImageChef user ℓσvε●нαηαη●ηυя made this awesome template so you can plug in your favorite pictures and show the world on Facebook! Click Here to make it your own…

ImageChef, Ghetto Blaster, Music, Creative, Facebook, Timeline, Template
Do you own a Ghetto Blaster? ImageChef user david sure does, click here to get the party started…

Pixels, Colors, Facebook, ImageChef, Template, Timeline

ImageChef user DJ is dreaming in digital with this colorful shapes and lines template he created, you can snag it right over here.

Enjoy these templates and show your favorites in the comments. Have a great weekend from all of us at ImageChef.

You can access the ImageChef Facebook Timeline Banner Tools and the Template Library right over here:

ImageChef Facebook Timeline Cover Templates