Living a Rich Life With ImageChef’s User of the Month for July 2015 •°* LULU *°•

84762a40b7d04b05Life is never quite what you expect to be, but oftentimes it is even better! Learning to recognize what is really important, and learning to let go of the silly things can be a huge life skill, one that takes time to master. That’s why when we stumbled upon  •°* LULU *°•, our ImageChef User of the Month for July 2015 we were thoroughly impressed with her lovely outlook on life.6a470b8f02ab8622Hailing from United Arab Emirates •°* LULU *°• has been shedding wisdom upon the ImageChef community since 2009, and her creations have only gotten more heart-warming and inspired in recent years! 6aca89b245330570A unique understanding of priorities and how she wants to live her life exudes from •°* LULU *°•‘s colorful creations, freedom, love, and people clearly are wildly important to her.f5954e2343a056adExpressing yourself through art can be a great way to get out your emotions and better understand them, and •°* LULU *°• owns this tactic, sharing her hopes, fears, insights and heart through her content. 9745048173bce4dfAnd probably most importantly •°* LULU *°• knows how to let go and say ‘So What’ when things don’t go her way. A true mentor to the rest of us still searching for patience love and meaning, •°* LULU *°• is definitely worth following on ImageChef.

Check out her profile today by clicking here, and till next time…see you in August!

Rev Up The Romance With ImageChef User Of The Month For January 2015: ♥●••O•Mαٱsα•O••●♥


Valentine’s Day is just a few short weeks away, so it’s only natural that we at ImageChef are feeling romantic. To keep cupid on his toes, we found a super sweet User of the Month for January 2015, meet ♥●••O•Mαٱsα•O••●♥!


Hailing from Peru, ♥●••O•Mαٱsα•O••●♥ has been using ImageChef since 2009, and during her tenure she has become a master of all things romance and all of our diverse creative tools.


♥●••O•Mαٱsα•O••●♥ stands out from the crowd on account of the many photo-frames and collages she has created to share with the ImageChef community. Her fellow users rejoice in her many unique templates they can use to apply to their own photos.


Animated characters and cutesy images reign supreme in ♥●••O•Mαٱsα•O••●♥s remixes, and her warm content is bound to make you smile.


Follow ♥●••O•Mαٱsα•O••●♥ on to keep up with her romantic remixes, and till next time: Get ready to snuggle!

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Group Spotlight January 2015: ★Dreamers★


Not all who wander are lost, and sadly not all who sleep dream. Luckily for the dreamless sleepers, humans can even dream when we are awake. This January of 2015 ImageChef wants to give a shout out to the dreamers of the world, with our Group Spotlight for January of 2015 shining on the ★Dreamers★ group!


As one might expect from such an optimistic gathering of folks, many of the remixes in this group focus on their most apparent subject matter: Dreams. That’s not to say the content in this group is lacking in diversity, far from it in fact. From good to bad and everything in between, dreams can mean so much and be about so many different things, and the creations in this group truly illustrate that.


The amorphous place where fantasy and reality meet is also a popular theme in the ★Dreamers★ group. The images in the collection have an almost hallucinatory feel, and are enjoyable to look at and imagine what the artist was thinking when they created them on ImageChef.


Sometimes dreams take us back to a place we want to be, or a time of year that is our favorite. A recurring thread in the ★Dreamers★ group seems to lead back to Summer, many people’s favorite season.


Feeling inspired by these creations from the ★Dreamers★ group, and ready to get creative? Who wouldn’t! Remember all of January 2015 long you can enter your New Year’s Greetings into ImageChef’s contest for a chance to win a Mini iPad 2 or free video and photo editing software from our partners at CyberLink. Click here for contest rules or to enter!


Describing the ★Dreamers★  group as a sanctuary in which ImageChef’s most creative minds can be at peace and wander would begin to touch on the magic inherent to this group. Head over to today, and be sure to take a look around the ★Dreamers★  group, you just might want to stick around.

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“ImageChef Cheers To The New Year” Contest Launches With A Bang!


Hello ImageChef Artists, to start off we’d like to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, and wish you wonderful celebrations whichever holiday you may be celebrating this time of year! Gifts are absolutely in season right now, and ImageChef has quite the present for you…we’ve just launched our ‘ImageChef Cheers To The New Year’ contest and we can’t wait to see your submissions and award one lucky grand prize winner an iPad Mini 2  (16GB, Wi-Fi only) and 20 runners up an exclusive prize package!

The ImageChef Cheers To The New Year contest will be running from December 25, 2014 to January 31, 2015. During this time ImageChef is encouraging our fans and artists to share seasonal cheer and tidings for the new year by using any tool in ImageChef’s creative collection including; Photo Frames, Text Templates, Sketchpad Creations, Banners, Timeline Covers, Visual Poetry and more! Any feature available on our website or in our ImageChef and Visual Poetry Apps is fair game for you to use to create something magical to submit to our contest.

How do you enter you ask? It’s easy, ImageChef is hosting the contest through our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To submit your entry simply follow the below steps…

How To Join Our ImageChef Cheers To The New Year Contest
Visit or Download the ImageChef or Visual Poetry Apps to your mobile device.
2. Use any feature on the website or in the apps to create a custom festive greeting. (acceptable file types include: .jpg, .png, .gif)
3. Submit your creation through the form below, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with hashtag #ImageChefHoliday to enter the contest…
Posting to Facebook: Post your photo on the ImageChef Facebook along with the hashtag #ImageChefHoliday. After a few minutes your submission will show up in our gallery where you can encourage your friends to vote for your entry!
Posting to Twitter or Instagram: Publicly share your photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ImageChefHoliday, remember your submission won’t be counted if it’s private!

4. One entry per person, you can only win once.
5. Get some votes! Winners will be randomly drawn from the top 100 entries with the most votes.

Once you have submitted your entry share the love by encouraging your friends and family to vote for your submission, and submit their own festive greeting for a chance to win! The grand prize winner will receive an iPad Mini 2  (16GB, Wi-Fi only) and 20 runners up will receive software bundles from our partners at CyberLink including their award winning PowerDirector and PhotoDirector software.

Now that you’ve got the scoop head over to or download our Apps to get your creative juices flowing and deliver the masterpiece that will knock our socks off so you win our grand prize! Let’s start 2015 with an artistic bang, ready, set, GO!

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Winter Warmth With ImageChef User of the Month for December 2014: Bella


Christmas is a week away! Hope you’ve got all the presents nestled under the tree and are having a blast singing carols and making gingerbread men! No matter what holiday you celebrate you’re bound to agree that for being such a cold month December is filled with a sort of otherworldly warmth due to all of the winter festivities. In keeping with that festive spirit ImageChef would like to give a toasty welcome to our User of the Month for December 2014: Bella!


Delivering remixes that are prettier than a present, sharing Bella‘s creative journey on ImageChef has truly been a gift to our teams. Hailing from Venezuela Bella has been using ImageChef since 2011, and during that time she has created strong friendships, and refined her artistic style.


Specializing in creative collages, Bella‘s content reminds us of a modern version of the Dadaism art movement. Her creative representations range from humans with cat faces, to dancing babies and beyond.


Bella has a passion for fashion and showcases some very unique styles on her ImageChef account. This Peacock dress is one of our personal faves!

f037eca589d7c60eBella mean’s “Beautiful” in Italian, and Bella‘s creations are definitely gorgeous masterpieces, like this creation featuring the lovely Miss Selena Gomez and her pretty pink bubble gum.

e7a012a1d5478f0aFollow Bella on ImageChef to stay up to date with her latest and greatest and till next time – have fun unwrapping presents!

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