ImageChef Text Templates are Trending on Instagram

Since I know you are all exceptionally digitally chic, I’ll bet you’re all posting pictures to Instagram like crazy. Over at ImageChef we are pretty smitten with Instagram as well. We’re very excited that lately ImageChef Text Templates have been trending on Instagram. Our ImageChef users have been using the ImageChef iPhone App to connect to Instagram and share their favorite ImageChef creations, the most popular of which have been ImageChef Text Templates.

Instagram users like to utilize ImageChef text templates to communicate to their followers, like Instagram user Bob13e using this Text Template to try to gain Instagram followers:

Did you know that if you double tap a photo on Instagram it will instantly make you ‘like’ said photo? Instagram users enjoy trying to trick their friends into liking their photos with this clever ruse, displayed here by Instagram user Laxgal1725:

Then there are Instagram users like Sam_Landeros who simply want to use ImageChef text templates to shout out to their followers:

If you aren’t following ImageChef on Instagram you can find us by searching for ImageChefApp. Till next time, keep having fun with ImageChef on Instagram!

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