Winter Warmth With ImageChef User of the Month for December 2014: Bella


Christmas is a week away! Hope you’ve got all the presents nestled under the tree and are having a blast singing carols and making gingerbread men! No matter what holiday you celebrate you’re bound to agree that for being such a cold month December is filled with a sort of otherworldly warmth due to all of the winter festivities. In keeping with that festive spirit ImageChef would like to give a toasty welcome to our User of the Month for December 2014: Bella!


Delivering remixes that are prettier than a present, sharing Bella‘s creative journey on ImageChef has truly been a gift to our teams. Hailing from Venezuela Bella has been using ImageChef since 2011, and during that time she has created strong friendships, and refined her artistic style.


Specializing in creative collages, Bella‘s content reminds us of a modern version of the Dadaism art movement. Her creative representations range from humans with cat faces, to dancing babies and beyond.


Bella has a passion for fashion and showcases some very unique styles on her ImageChef account. This Peacock dress is one of our personal faves!

f037eca589d7c60eBella mean’s “Beautiful” in Italian, and Bella‘s creations are definitely gorgeous masterpieces, like this creation featuring the lovely Miss Selena Gomez and her pretty pink bubble gum.

e7a012a1d5478f0aFollow Bella on ImageChef to stay up to date with her latest and greatest and till next time – have fun unwrapping presents!

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Group Spotlight December 2014: Thinking Of You♥


Does the winter season have you thinking of that special someone, and wishing you were near them to share joy and cheer? Showing our nearest and dearest how much we care is always important, especially around the holidays. Luckily in our modern age, there are many ways to show your loved ones that they are on your mind, even if they are far away. ImageChef absolutely shares this sentiment, and we’d like to give a warm welcome to our Group Spotlight for December 2014: Thinking Of You♥!


Thinking Of You♥ is one of the most popular groups on, and the content collected in this group is overflowing with good will. Moderated by ImageChef all star мαℓιкα∞ the group members follow her bright positive spirit, and post thoughtful remixes.


Encouraging contributors to be proud of who they are, and express their personal style spirit, and heart, Thinking Of You♥ is a special facet of our thriving ImageChef community.


Popular topics in the group are love, longing, expression, creativity and style. ImageChef artist ♡αℓɪcɪα shared her artistic side with this photography inspired graphic.


The Thinking Of You♥ group reminds us that we can’t have a rainbow without a little bit of rain, and that human love and compassion are limitless. Want to share some heartfelt tidings this holiday season? Join the Thinking Of You♥ group today, and enter a promising new world.

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Holiday Spirit That Lasts With ImageChef User of the Month for November 2014 ♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥

2d7460c8fca51ea3December has arrived! It’s time to start perfecting your favorite seasonal cookie recipe and singing your favorite carols. Diving headfirst into the holidays is one way to light up your life and that is just what our User of the Month for November. It fills us with  joy and cheer to introduce you to ♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥, ImageChef‘s User of the Month for November 2014!


♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥ is from Venezuela, and has been mastering ImageChef’s tools and tricks since the beginning of 2014. She is now one of our most prolific users creating templates and stickers, and participating in our thriving community.


What stood out to us about ♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥ was her inspirational Holiday Spirit. Her account is already overflowing with content that celebrates the fantastic celebrations yet to come. From Christmas to New Years she’s got us covered, and it’s only December 1st!


Enamored by all things mystical, common themes in ♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥‘s remixes include fairies, unicorns and magic. Her fascination and exploration of these elements has us intrigued, along with the rest of the ImageChef community.


Bringing more than just magic to the table, ♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥ enjoys creating not only remixes for herself, but elements that the rest of the ImageChef community can enjoy. She’s been recognized by her peers for creating stunning stickers and original photo frames.


In between shopping for gifts and decorating your tree, make sure you keep in eye on ♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥‘s ImageChef profile to follow her exciting and ever changing stream of creations.

You can visit ♥♫♪..SELVITA..♫♪♥‘s profile on at her unique ImageChef URL: selvita212

Till next time…Enjoy the season!

Explore the Evolution of the Holiday Home Movie with CyberLink

Infographic, Video Tips, Holiday 2014, CyberLink

Hello ImageChef artists, how has November been treating you so far? We hope you haven’t gotten blown away in a snow flurry and are staying nice and warm as the wintry weather comes your way. We’ve got a something extra special to cheer you up and provide holiday warmth this week, our partners at CyberLink’s have launched an awesome festive campaign exploring the Evolution of the Holiday Home Movie which we are thrilled to share with you!

As long as there have been cameras, Americans have been infatuated with documenting their lives, especially around the holiday season. CyberLink delved into the history behind this trend and compiled a rich entertaining archive of videos that shows the evolution of home movies over the past 50 years. They’ve also created a snazzy Infographic (which can be found at the beginning of this post) providing some tips and tricks to help YOU make the best holiday home movies ever in 2014.

“We’re eager to share our entertaining research about the evolution of holiday home movies and the tricks of the trade we’ve collected from expert users of CyberLink’s suite of products. Everyone can learn how to produce holiday videos that will be shown at family reunions and get-togethers for years to come.”
 -Alice Chang, CEO of CyberLink

CyberLink’s Tips For Video Creation Include:

  • Tip #1 – Invest in a Mini Tripod for Your Smartphone: Mom and Dad’s home videos were always grainy and shaky while they circled the party, eggnog in one hand camera in the other, capturing every moment on film. Tripods and mini tripods for smartphones are an inexpensive and easy way to capture scenes like guests entering a party or kids unwrapping their gifts while giving time for a quick break and time to enjoy the holiday from the other side of the lens.
  • Tip #2 – Create a Storyline: Be your own Steven Spielberg and make your holiday home movie award-worthy by telling an entertaining story. By creating a storyline in advance to set the framework for your video, you can select an overall theme, a beginning, middle and end to give your movie a Hollywood worthy plotline. To make your movie more unique, consider adding voiceovers, “staged” scenes or even editing your home holiday movie to a stylish video eCard or slideshow to share with your friends and family this year. Go wild and include a 30 second blooper real!
  • Tip #3 – Adequately Proportion People vs. Scene: Jumping from one shot to another is often jarring to watch in a home movie. Including a few scenic shots like the light of a Christmas tree, snow fall or a table setting can help transition from one scene to the next, so make sure you take a few shots of the surroundings as well. Experts say the general rule is a healthy three to five seconds of scenery juxtaposed with the holiday action in your movie when all is said and done.
  • Tip #4 – Collect Video from Family and Friends: Chances are you aren’t the only one capturing the holiday action this year. Put the call out to friends and family for their smartphone videos and find editing software with a multi-camera feature. It will let you edit scenes of the same view captured from all angles. Cloud sharing programs can be a great tool in helping to bring everyone’s content together in one place for easy access and storage. Mom and Dad definitely never had that!
  • Tip #5 – Find Your Classic Holiday Movie Moment: Imagine if Clark Griswold of National Lampoon fame had a smartphone during his Christmas vacation? There are a lot of ways to capture the quirky, candid holiday action that is bound to occur so don’t forget to get involved with your subjects. Share toys with the kids, get the family pet involved, and sneak up on grandma, essentially roll camera until you find whatever is going to keep everyone laughing for years to come!
  • Tip #6 – Invest in Quality Video Editing Software: One of the biggest advantages of living in the 21st century is accessible video editing software that traditionally has been reserved for the pros. It has given us the power to create truly memorable and innovative home movies that will last a lifetime, or at least as long as YouTube.

In addition to helping you take your home movies to the next level this Holiday Season, CyberLink has also pulled together these great tips and tricks to ensure you don’t have any potential ‘Holiday Photo Fails’:

CyberLink, Photo Tips, Tricks, Holiday 2014, Photography

And to make the magic last all winter, there’s even a contest! CyberLink will also be releasing even more new tips and tricks for photo and video perfection every few days on their Facebook Page. Head on over and ‘LIKE‘ their page today, and every time you see them post a #CyberLinkHoliday tip or trick share it with your friends and family. From now till December 31st CyberLink will be giving away 10 copies of their fantastic photo (PhotoDirector) and video (PowerDirector) software each week to Facebook Fans that share their #CyberLinkHoliday tips.

So what are you waiting for? Check out CyberLink’s event page today, get inspired by the evolution of the holiday home movie, enter their contest to win editing software, and grab your camera phone or DSLR and start snapping photos and shooting videos to ensure your epic holiday memories can last forever.

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Group Spotlight November 2014: artistic expression ♥

32b2a5cbbe6c3d4fAlas ImageChef artists, winter is truly upon us. Snow flurries and cold weather is coming your way! But with it we also get to enjoy ice skating, snowball fights, adorable winter clothing like scarves and hats, and best of all the winter holidays! From here on out it’s a party all the way from Thanksgiving to New Years are you ready for it? Sometimes it takes a little inspiration to get into the holiday spirit and begin expressing yourself, which is why we’re thrilled to present an extra special Group Spotlight for November 2014: artistic expression ♥!

767ab647a0f2f7ddIt’s pretty much a rule of thumb on ImageChef that creativity abounds, so of course the artistic expression ♥ group is overflowing with positive artsy energies. So what exactly is it that separates this group from other groups making it a cut above the rest? We think it’s the artists who contribute to make this thriving micro-community one of the best!

643cd4f172fe9cf6Moderated by Karenzhiita Sixx, an ImageChef user well known for her bright creations laced with thrillingly dark undertones, the artistic expression ♥ group follows suit. Artistic expression is not always light and cheerful, members of this group don’t just relish in whimsy, but also admire and explore the darker side of the world.

6e0a59402020ed1eMembers of artistic expression ♥ all have a passion for fashion, and submit remixes showing off their favorite styles to share with their peers. Jewelry, makeup converse and more, this group has it all!

ef2c41293246a03cAnother popular theme is friendship and love, the artistic expression ♥ group members find new and exciting ways to talk about these classic topics through their creations.

fe7f7b2f036faf3eBecome a member of the artistic expression ♥ group on today to take your creative expression to the next level, and till next time…stay warm!

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