New Fonts & Symbols From ImageChef!

Have you heard the news?!? has just released three brand new fonts and a slew of new symbols for your remixing delight.

Our three new fonts are Notebook, Pen & Ink, and Paper, and they are available on all parts of our site, as well as on the ImageChef App. We’ve also added a variety of great new symbols to Sketchpad!

To use these great new features, head over to and start getting creative in Sketchpad! We can’t wait to see what you can do with these great new tools!

Make Stars Dance with ImageChef User of the Month for June 2013 кιмbeяℓy!

Are you ready to rock? We sure hope so, because our ImageChef User of the Month for June кιмbeяℓy is going to rock your world! Hailing from Spain, кιмbeяℓy has been using ImageChef since 2009, and in that time has made waves in the ImageChef community with her dedication to not only being a fan, but by literally making the stars dance in her pop-culture inspired Remixes!

A self described; Belieber, Jepsie, BeadlesBabe, Directioner, Lovatic, Selenator, and Swiftie, кιмbeяℓy adores all the pop culture greats and makes them move in her power-packed animated ImageChef creations.

кιмbeяℓy not only admires artists, but is also an artist in her own right, as is apparent in her remixes celebrating her passions such as Photography!

A leader amongst her peers, кιмbeяℓy encourages girls to think about what is truly important. Remixes such as the above, demonstrate that true beauty is something that comes from the inside, and not a product of superficial cosmetics.

Follow кιмbeяℓy at her unique ImageChef URL ‘starsdance’ ( on to stay inspired to Infinity and beyond!

Get Inspired with ImageChef User of the for Month May 2013 Amber+Rachel+Gabrielle!

Spending time with your family is a great Summer pastime so it comes as no surprise that our ImageChef User of the Month for May 2013 is overflowing with family values. We are very excited to introduce you to Amber+Rachel+Gabrielle!

Amber+Rachel+Gabrielle are a team compromised of two daughters and their mother who have been sharing an ImageChef account as a family since 2012. It comes as no surprise that their creations are incredibly unique, inspiring and jam-packed with love.

Amber+Rachel+Gabrielle are passionate music lovers, making remixes featuring their favorite artists from Celine Dion to Taylor Swift.

Utilizing ImageChef not only as a creative outlet but also as a motivational learning tool Amber+Rachel+Gabrielle‘s Remixes teach us life lessons, and share brilliant truths.

Follow Amber+Rachel+Gabrielle to stay up to date with their latest and greatest insights and inspirations!

Click here to follow Amber+Rachel+Gabrielle on!

Slam Into Summer With These New Templates From ImageChef!

Summer 2013 has officially arrived! At ImageChef we’re slamming into the season with some fantastic new templates (like our new Beach Message Text Template, pictured above). This Memorial Day sit back, relax and take a tour of ImageChefs Summer Fun Collection!

First off, head to the Hollywood Hills and show off your Star Power with our Mountain Text Template:

Then celebrate Memorial Day right by taking your dreams to the sky with our new Balloons Text Template:

And makes sure to bring some treats to the celebration, with our Birthday Cupcake Text Template:

And when you’re out for a night on the town, post your message and a photo of your friends on a wall with our Peeling Poster Photo-Frame/Text Template:

And last but certainly not least, what is a Summer without love? Carve the name of that special someone into a tree with our awesome revamped Tree Heart Text Template:

Start your summer off right by getting all these Text Templates and more on!

Heat Things Up With ImageChef User of The Month for April 2013 Caroline!

It’s beginning to look at a lot like Summer. The beautiful warm weather makes us glad that winter is long gone and things are heating up! It comes as no surprise that our User of The Month is once for warmth as well, heating things up on ImageChef with her spicy creations. Yes ladies and gentleman, we are proud to present our ImageChef User of the Month For April 2013 Caroline!

Caroline first caught our attention when she suggested to us that we add the Paint Bucket tool to our sketchpad. Since then we have been dazzled by the amazing animations she has created using the tool.

Hailing from the UK Caroline has only been using ImageChef since 2013, but has wasted no time becoming a master of our most difficult tools. A fan of image editing website, we hope that ours has become one of her favorites.

Bringing images to life, Caroline‘s work tells a story that is simultaneously playful and mysterious.

A loyal friend, Caroline often makes remixes inspired by her ImageChef cohorts.

Follow her today at her unique ImageChef URL CarolineM522 to stay up to date with her latest and greatest!