Get Moving with ImageChef's New Video Feature!

Have you updated your ImageChef App lately? Well if you haven’t, you’d better do so quick, because our latest build includes a fantastic new Video Feature! You can now create awesome animated videos to post to your Instagram Account, Your Facebook Page, Share with your ImageChef friends and more. The new feature works with any animated template, or with static templates that you add stickers to.

To get started creating video’s take the following steps…

Step 1: Launch your ImageChef App and select your favorite template. If it is already animated add a photo, click ‘Save/Share’ and move on to ‘Step 3’. If it is a static template, or if you want to add on to it, click the ‘Magic Wand’ tool in the bottom right hand corner of your screen…

Step 2: Add stickers and text to your template. Add the stickers and text in the order you want them to ‘enter’ in your video. Once you are satisfied with your creation click ‘Save/Share’…

Step 3: Once you have clicked ‘Save/Share’ on the next screen the first option will be ‘Make Video’, click this to proceed…

Step 4: Select the style you would like your video to use, your options are ‘Bounce In’ ‘Jitter’ or ‘Cut In’. Once you have selected your style the video will render for a minute or so. Once it is finished rendering a screen will pop-up that will ask you how you want to share your video. You can either share from this screen, or launch Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook or more to share from your camera roll where the video is now saved!

And voila! You’ve created an ImageChef Video from the palm of your hand. If you haven’t done so yet download the latest versions of the App below to get creating. If you have any questions email!

Download the ImageChef App:
Download the ImageChef+ App:

Hopelessly Devoted to ImageChef User of the Month for October 2013 mixer∞directioner!

October is almost over, but the best is yet to come! With Halloween around the corner there is so much fun to be have dressing up and trick-or-treating. Regardless of what you have planned for the 31st, get ready to become hopelessly devoted to our ImageChef User of the Month for October 2013 mixer∞directioner!

Hailing from Italy, mixer∞directioner or Miley has been using ImageChef since 2013, and has taken no time at all to steal our hearts with her inspirational One Direction tribute remixes!

mixer∞directioner adores music, her favorite bands being Little Mix and One Direction. This adoration is displayed in her creative animated templates.

A girl who doesn’t shy away from trying new things, mixer∞directioner has been exploring our new Meme Maker Tool created a this great Cosby inspired Meme!

Having quickly mastered ImageChef’s animation tool, mixer∞directioner is no stranger to our signature templates and uses them in interesting ways, such as our Vinyl Album Cover photo-frame.

Help us welcome rising star mixer∞directioner to ImageChef by heading over to her profile and following her today! And till next time, have a very happy Halloween and don’t let the ghouls get-ya!

Follow mixer∞directioner on ImageChef: By Clicking Here

Getting Clever with ImageChef's Mobile Sketchpad!

We recently released an updated version of our ImageChef and ImageChef+ iPhone and iPad Apps which included a great new mobile Sketchpad feature. This new tool has allowed our users to add fun stickers, text and effects to their photos, giving them more flexibility in their mobile creations. It’s time to get inspired by looking through some of the wonderful content coming out of mobile sketchpad, from pumpkins to princesses – we’ve got it all!

For starters, Instagrammer _evantorre_ is feeling rich with his diamonds and donuts!

Instagrammer veriito1118 featured a little princess names Yocsibell in her creation, complete with sparkles in her eyes.

Marichoco is experiencing what we call ‘Moustache Madness’ and ‘Sunglass Insanity’ on her Instagram account!

vickicridge made this awesome masterpiece by putting her favorite photos into a photo-frame in her ImageChef App, saving it to her camera roll, then using the saved image in mobile sketchpad. We suggest giving this neat trick a try.

And last but not least lisha1019 has brought home the kit’n’caboodle by adding hearts, cupcakes a crown, sunglasses and a moustache to one of her favorite photos!

Make sure to download the latest ImageChef App today to start creating and inspiring!

Download the ImageChef App:
Download the ImageChef + App:

Introducing ImageChef's Meme Maker!

From Grumpy Cat to the Philosoraptor, your favorite Meme’s have finally arrived at We are proud to introduce what will no doubt our funniest new feature yet, ImageChef’s very own Meme Maker! ImageChef’s Meme Maker is a meme generator which allows you to quickly put custom text on any photo. As ImageChef’s joins the meme-revolution, we’d like to take a moment to give you a brief tutorial on how to turn any ImageChef Remix into a Meme.

To get started head over to the Meme Maker page on, or navigate to the Meme Maker tool from our homepage:

Next either choose from the existing Meme templates to customize, add text and make your own, or log into your ImageChef Account to create you own Meme from scratch:

Once you are logged in select a photo from your library, and add text to create a meme:

To save your creation as a Meme for other ImageChef Users to re-use, make sure you click the ‘Start a Meme with this Photo’ box and click ‘Save’. Once you click save you will be able to name your Meme whatever you like…

And your Meme will be saved in the Meme Library for other users to modify and enjoy!

Now that you are a pro, head over to to start making and creating Meme’s today. Be sure to share your Meme’s on your favorite social networks, from Reddit to Facebook your creations are sure to please!

To go straight to ImageChef’s Meme Maker Click Here

Getting Crafty with ImageChef User of the Month for September 2013 Hend

September is truly a semi-charmed month. With school starting and the seasons transitioning from sweet Summer to awesome Autumn it’s no wonder this month is a time of inspiration, creativity and change. With new dreams being awoken, and new artists being discovered, we’d like to take a moment to recognize the creativity of our User of the Month for September 2013 Hend!

Hailing from Egypt, Hend has been using ImageChef since 2009 and has made a splash with her creative Remixes and devoted friendships.

Her artistic impulses flow from painting, to drawing to music. Hend also enjoys using art as a metaphor and a basis for poetry.

An active contributor to the ImageChef community, Hend makes many amazing templates for other ImageChef Artists to insert their photos into.

Can you say Miley? Selena? Demi? Hend loves them all, and creates tributes to call out their greatness.

To stay up to date with the latest and greatest from Hend, make sure to follow her on Till next time, have a great October and we’ll look forward to seeing your Halloween Costumes!

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