Wrapping up 2013 right with ImageChef User of the Month for December Jada!

Christmas may be over, but do we have a present for you…We are very happy to introduce ImageChef’s User of the Month for December 2013 Jada! This rising star has only been using ImageChef since 2013, but has wasted no time stealing our hearts and spreading inspiration across our thriving online community. Since this last year has been big for Jada making waves on ImageChef.com, we thought she’d make the perfect User of the Month to wrap up 2013.

Hailing from the United States Jada has quickly mastered our Meme Maker tool! She creates Meme’s featuring cats in all sorts of adorably hilarious situations, and shares her creations with the ImageChef Community.

Cats aren’t the only animal Jada loves, she’s also a huge fan of Unicorns! Her remixes explore these magical creatures taking us on journeys through Jada‘s imagination.

Not only an internet maven, Jada is also a book buff and finds great enjoyment in the pages of her favorite novels.

Quick to notice when we at ImageChef release new photo-frames and text templates, Jada brilliantly finds the perfect photos, words and phrases to complement our library. This remix says it in a nutshell, we find everything Jada makes to be quite wonderful.

Thanks for taking a closer look at Jada‘s creations, and for a fabulous 2013! Make sure to head over to her ImageChef profile to keep up with her latest and greatest, or search for her by her unique ImageChef Url beautyqueen44.

Follow Jada on ImageChef.com: By Clicking Here

Gifting New Templates for the Holidays at ImageChef.com!

Tis’ the season…for gingerbread houses, sparkly Christmas lights, gifting and magic of all sorts! Since we’re feeling wrapped up in the Holiday spirit over here at ImageChef, we channeled our inspiration into some fantastic new templates for the season. However you spend your holidays, we are thankful for all your love and support of our website, and we hope these templates find you well!

First off we’ve got a new Gift Tag Ribbon text template for you to write your greetings on…

Next we’re taking holiday cheer to new heights with our Construction Crane Template!

Followed by a visit to a Winter Wonderland with our Winter Paper Cut frame.

And then it’s time to curl up with a cup of cocoa by the Christmas Tree with our Christmas Ornament photo frame.

Then we’re taking it to the streets, where we’ll brake for Gingerbread with our new Square Street Sign template.

Next it’s time to feel evergreen, with our new Christmas Tree text template.

And last but not least all we want for Christmas is you…and this great new Ribbon text template!

Merry Christmas from all of us at ImageChef! Head over to ImageChef.com for more Holiday fun!

Dark and Darling with ImageChef User of the Month for November 2013!

With Thanksgiving officially behind us and the Christmas season in full swing, it’s time to celebrate our ImageChef User of the Month for November Karenzhiita Sixx! This darling lover of all things dark couldn’t help but stand out to us with her thoughtful and macabre creations. From love to fashion to moody magic, take a closer look at some of her best work…

Hailing from Mexico, Karenzhiita Sixx has been using ImageChef since 2010. During that time she has become a master of manipulating our colors, animation, and symbol tools!

A lover of all things natural, Karenzhiita Sixx recognizes the majesty of the great outdoors and celestial spaces in her remixes.

Fashion is only part of her passion, but Karenzhiita Sixx sure has some style! We adore her explorations ranging from high heeled shoes to brightly colored curls.

And lastly, but perhaps most importantly Karenzhiita Sixx is an excellent  loyal friend. Her masterpieces feature her favorite people, and  she uses ImageChef to create momentos congratulating her kin on birthdays and life achievements, or just to let them know how much she cares.

Head over to Karenzhiita Sixx‘s ImageChef profile and follow her today to stay up to date with her latest and greatest! And till next time…enjoy the holiday season!

You can visit Karenzhiita Sixxs ImageChef Page: By Clicking Here

Friends Worth Following on ImageChef!

Have you updated your ImageChef App lately? There is no better time than now to do so – we’ve just released a brand spanking new batch of updates! These updates not only have great new photo-frames and text-templates for you (like our Winter Frames Pack!) but we’ve also updated your profile and searching tools making them better than ever. You can now easily search for your friends and update your Username, all from the palm of your hand! We’re here to show you how…

To search for your friends launch your ImageChef App, and click on the ‘Album’ icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

This will take you to your ImageChef Mobile Profile. In the top left hand corner of your screen click on the ‘friends’ icon to access our friend finding features.

Once you have clicked through you will see a screen with a variety of searching options, one of which is searching for your friends by their unique ImageChef Username!

Now that you know how to search for your friends using the ImageChef App, give it a try by searching for some of our favorite users by their below usernames! Make sure to follow them once you get to their page…

1. cutiebeautie
2. younghoolie
3. washamamaya
4. AngiYmialma

Dance, Dance, Dance on ImageChef.com!

With Halloween over and Thanksgiving just around the corner we are in the midst of so many fantastic celebrations. At ImageChef we want to keep the party going all November long, and what better way to do that than to dance? We were so inspired by these user-made remixes that we just had to share them with you, get ready to spin across the dance floor!

Starting off with a classic akin to the Waltz, this Remix created by ImageChef Artist ○cαт○ spoke to our romantic side with the words every girl wants to hear “May I Have this Dance?”

Now that we’re warmed up, let’s get this party started! With this slammin’ creation by Khalifa.

To access some more advanced moves, we turned to some seasoned performers, The Dance Moms Team! ImageChef user Sabrina is one of their biggest fans.

And last but certainly not least, we pose the questions – what music makes you move the most? We’ll leave you to ponder that with this remix from Soara.

Get moving this November, and use pictures of your favorite moments to make some magic on ImageChef.com. Til’ next time… All we want to do is dance!