Hop on Over to ImageChef’s Updated Word Mosiac Tool!


With Easter less than a week away spring serendipity is truly in the air! At ImageChef we’re keeping the creative wheels turning 24/7 to ensure you have all the creative outlets you could possibly need to celebrate in style. That’s why we’re stoked to announce an update to our fantastic Word Mosaic tool to make it fully loaded for our users as they hop into the holiday.


We’ve added a variety of new symbols from flowers to bunnies to eggs, and you can still create your own with our symbol maker feature.


New fonts are also in the mix, with a fancy new sans serif we call ‘Fine’. 


Last but not least if you are an ImageChef Pro user you can now resize your Word Mosaic masterpieces and save them sans watermark. If you haven’t done so yet make sure you check out the new and improved ImageChef Word Mosaic to share your poetic inspiration Easter 2014.

ImageChef 7.0 App Update Released!


It’s time to put down your Cadbury Creme Egg for a moment and pick up your mobile device, we’re excited to announce the release of ImageChef and ImageChef+ 7.0 App update for iPhone and iPad! This egg-cellent release is filled to the brim with everything you need to make this Easter magical.



Featuring spring and Easter themed stickers, templates and shapes to create visual poems with, the creative possibilities are limitless! From peeps, to bunnies, to tulips to bunny ears, the new tools in this release would fill up even the largest of Easter Baskets.


We’ve also added some classic new templates to this release including but not limited to our popular Coffee Mug text template and Mason Jar photo-frame!


Even the Easter Bunny is hopping over to the App store download the update today. Remember as always ImageChef+ has even more fantastic features such a zooming video to see you eggs hatch in real time, make sure to check it out!

Download the ImageChef App for iPhone or iPad:
Download the ImageChef+ App for iPhone or iPad:

Using ImageChef for Editorial Content

pur964714082ee5e341 A few weeks back we shared some ideas on how you can use ImageChefs diverse portfolio of tools to enhance your Marketing Efforts, today we are going to continue exploring different ways ImageChef can be used by zeroing in on why ImageChef is the perfect supplement to your Editorial Content. Whether you are a news website, a fashion blogger, a movie reviewer or a tech enthusiast writing White Papers, we’ve got the templates you need to take your articles to the next level.


Writing a news article about how San Francisco’s rising rent prices are pushing out small businesses and need an image to illustrate your point? If you customize ImageChef’s ‘Big City’ text template you can easily visualize your message for your readers.

pur9d1f8d5a3ad89ba5If you write for a fashion blog, and you need to warn your readers against a style faux pas, ImageChef’s ‘Danger Sign’ might just do the trick. Remember ImageChef also has loads of photo-frames that you can use to show off your favorite styles to readers.




Just watched the new Captain America movie and feel inspired to create a blog to write movie reviews on and share your insights on this cinematic gem, but you don’t know how to get started? Check out ImageChef’s library of film related content including this ‘Director Chair’ text template, perfect to be used as a header for your new writing endeavor.


If SEO ever becomes a thing of the past, do you want to be the first person to have written about it? Use ImageChef’s ‘Gravestone’ text template as a graphic accompaniment to your White Paper to convince readers of the tech path of the future.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 6.58.24 PM

If you need graphics that are more unique, you can also quickly generate custom images using our Sketchpad Tool, then clicking on the ‘More’ button and selecting </> Blog/Forum to grab code and easily insert your creation into your blog post or article.

As you can see with the help of ImageChef you can be much more than a wordsmith, and coordinate well-rounded editorial content with ease. Head over to ImageChef.com or download the ImageChef App to get started.

Remember if you invest in ImageChef Pro you can get all our great templates watermark free and more, read about why ImageChef Pro is the way to go in this article and till next time, keep on writing!

We Ain’t Foolin’ Visual Poetry 5.0 is Out of This World!


Happy April Fools Day ImageChef minions! We hope you’ve been having a blast celebrating the most mischievous of holidays using ImageChef’s fun tricky templates watermark-free for one day only. Once April Fools Day is over Easter is just a bunny hop and a skip away, so we’ve got an extra special treat for you and we ain’t fooling: We’ve just released our updated Visual Poetry 5.0 App for iPhone and iPad, fully loaded with brand new Easter Styles for your rhyming convenience!


Not only do we have bunnies and tulips which can be used to elevate your wordsmithing to the level of art, but we’ve also released two brand new fonts in the update!

 photo 4

Now that we’ve got you egg-cited download or update your app today to get these spring inspired blooming styles and send Easter Greetings and poems to you friends and family all April long.

Click Here to Download or Upgrade to Visual Poetry 5.0 today!

Five Ways to Trick your Friends with ImageChef this April Fools!

With only two days left in March April Fools Day is right around the corner. Haven’t had time to plan any elaborate pranks to foil your friends or foes this year? Never fear, ImageChef has your back with this go-to list of five easy ideas to make your friends ROFL on April 1st!


1. Tweet using ImageChef’s Stadium Screen photo-frame to make your friends believe you proposed to your girlfriend or boyfriend over the weekend.


2. Post on your friend’s Facebook Wall using ImageChef’s Sweatshirt photo-frame with their picture in it and ask them coyly: “Hey I saw this sweatshirt with your face on it for sale at Urban Outfitters, are you getting royalties?”


3. Celebrities receiving stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is normal news, but what about your friends favorite singer? Trick them into thinking their idol crush made the cut by putting their name on Hollywood Boulevard using ImageChef’s Walk of Fame text template. We chose One Direction’s Harry Styles to help illustrate.


4. What’s the strangest thing your can imagine making the cover of the newspaper? Think of a clever headline and make it real with ImageChef’s Newspaper photo-frame, for instance: ‘Nyan Cat Seen Over NYC’!


5. Have a Journey fan in your life? Make them believe that their favorite bands lyrics appeared in a field, with ImageChef’s Crop Circles text template!

We hope these ideas will get your creative juices flowing and inspire some lighthearted practical jokes this April Fools Day. If you’re not on a computer remember that you have the power of prank in the palm of your hand with the ImageChef App. Till next time, we wish you the best of luck foiling your friends!