ImageChef 7.0 App Update Released!


It’s time to put down your Cadbury Creme Egg for a moment and pick up your mobile device, we’re excited to announce the release of ImageChef and ImageChef+ 7.0 App update for iPhone and iPad! This egg-cellent release is filled to the brim with everything you need to make this Easter magical.



Featuring spring and Easter themed stickers, templates and shapes to create visual poems with, the creative possibilities are limitless! From peeps, to bunnies, to tulips to bunny ears, the new tools in this release would fill up even the largest of Easter Baskets.


We’ve also added some classic new templates to this release including but not limited to our popular Coffee Mug text template and Mason Jar photo-frame!


Even the Easter Bunny is hopping over to the App store download the update today. Remember as always ImageChef+ has even more fantastic features such a zooming video to see you eggs hatch in real time, make sure to check it out!

Download the ImageChef App for iPhone or iPad:
Download the ImageChef+ App for iPhone or iPad:

Group Spotlight March 2014: RemiXes


St. Patty’s Day is almost upon us, and we at ImageChef are feeling lucky…that we have such a fantastic ImageChef Community! As their tagline says we’re about to ‘Make Your Day’ by sharing a unique facet of the ImageChef Community with you in our Group Spotlight for March 2014: The RemiXes Group!


Boasting over 5000 members ImageChef’s RemiXes Group has a diverse collection of creations which it’s members share with each other. From treats, to optimistic messages to music inspired imagery, this group has it all.


Drawing members from all over the globe, it’s no wonder that the participants in the RemiXes group promote an open minded theology. The dedicated artists in the RemiXes group are an excellent example of what can happen when a worldwide community breaks down boundaries and embraces the power of friendship.


Every creation that comes out of ImageChef’s Sketchpad is classified as a ‘Remix‘ so it’s no wonder this group has such a variety of content. Take a closer look at the RemiXes group today to get in on the fun and share your ImageChef in a fantastic facet of our community.


You can join the RemiXes Group on by clicking here!

Taste the Rainbow with User of the Month for February 2014 Bouchaib

For many February is most romantic of months, once Valentine’s Day has passed the magic seems to persist allowing the second month of each year to be synonymous with love. Our User of the Month for February 2014  knows a thing or two about magic and finding colorful beauty in unexpected places. We are excited to invite you to taste the rainbow with ImageChef‘s User of the Month for February 2014 Bouchaib!

Hailing from Morocco, Bouchaib has been an avid ImageChef User since 2011. These past three years have been quite prolific for Bouchaib who wasted no time stealing our hearts and taking us on journeys of the mind where with his remixes he exposes us to strange and wonderful beauty.

Bouchaib says in his profile that he is happy to have good friends and that he considers friendship to be sacred. It comes as no surprise to us that Bouchaib is not only a passionate creator who stands out in the ImageChef community but also a loyal friend to all who he connects with.

Another thing that sets Bouchaib apart as an ImageChef allstar is his excellent use of color in his work. From lips to birds to rainbows, vibrance abounds his user page.

Head over to and follow Bouchaib today to stay up to date with his latest and greatest! We’ll see you next month as we spring into March.

ImageChef's Best of 2013!

Before we jump whole heartedly into 2014, a new year chocked full of promise, we wanted to take a look back at 2013. 2013 was a magical year for ImageChef filled to the brim with new features, exciting updates and most importantly new ImageChef artists and user creativity up the whazoo! Take a seat, relax and grab some popcorn, as we take you through ImageChef’s Best of 2013!

First off in April we released our Paint Bucket Tool enabling our users to easily create stickers which they could save, share, and use again at a later time. All with the click of a magical paint bucket.

Then we started off Summer right with the release of brand new fonts and stickers! From arrows to hip new hand drawn fonts our users were ready to create great summer templates.

Next in July we released Visual Poetry 4.0, which included an entire redesign of the App to be focused towards education and feature amazing new ways to creative with text! You can download on the App store by clicking here.

In September we started off the school year with a fun and fantastic update to our ImageChef App! The updated included a full redesign with support for iOS7 and iPhone 5S and 5C, as well as live updates so users no longer have to wait for a patch to get the latest and greatest. If you don’t have it yet you can download the new ImageChef or ImageChef+ App by clicking here.

Don’t be scared of Dr. Evil, be psyched that in October we released ImageChef’s Meme Maker! This hilarious new tool allows our users to instantly create Memes, staying on the cutting edge of what’s happening in pop culture.

Then as Halloween crept up on us we showed you the ropes of ImageChef’s Mobile Sketchpad. This feature allowed our mobile users to engage with one of the most popular features on our website and create more dynamic creations.

Then to wrap up a very exciting fall we released ImageChef Video! A tool which allowed ImageChef mobile users to create and share videos from ImageChef to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

And of course we released dozens of great new ImageChef text templates and photo-frames. Head over to ImageChef to see them and get creative today!

That’s all for 2013 – what will 2014 hold? Only time will tell. Keep your eyes on ImageChef, exciting developments are en route in the new year.

As always, thanks for reading!

Dance, Dance, Dance on!

With Halloween over and Thanksgiving just around the corner we are in the midst of so many fantastic celebrations. At ImageChef we want to keep the party going all November long, and what better way to do that than to dance? We were so inspired by these user-made remixes that we just had to share them with you, get ready to spin across the dance floor!

Starting off with a classic akin to the Waltz, this Remix created by ImageChef Artist ○cαт○ spoke to our romantic side with the words every girl wants to hear “May I Have this Dance?”

Now that we’re warmed up, let’s get this party started! With this slammin’ creation by Khalifa.

To access some more advanced moves, we turned to some seasoned performers, The Dance Moms Team! ImageChef user Sabrina is one of their biggest fans.

And last but certainly not least, we pose the questions – what music makes you move the most? We’ll leave you to ponder that with this remix from Soara.

Get moving this November, and use pictures of your favorite moments to make some magic on Til’ next time… All we want to do is dance!