Best Month Ever With ImageChef User of the Month for August 2015 özge!

b707d2aad8a34c16Was August 2015 the very best month of your life ever!? We at ImageChef sure hope so, we had a fantastic one! August is always so ripe with promise, sandwiched in between July and September, the whole month is solidly summer, and filled with inspired moments, memorable experiences, and gorgeous warm weather. In an effort to encapsulate the energy behind this majestic month, we’ve carefully selected our ImageChef User of the Month for August 2015 based off her undeniable charisma: Meet özge!713e81e4a270fc48Hailing from Turkey, özge knows how to get the ‘Remix Party’ started with her stellar energetic ImageChef creations. An avid user of our suite of tools since 2009, we find her work to be positively influential in the community!
A colorful personality özge‘s remixes touch on style, celebrities, and emotions. We are huge fans of this colorful hair remix long before pastel and rainbow locks were a trend!
7cb9a6c7891a23a5As a lover of music, it is no surprise that özge adores miss Rihanna, a singer with a fabulous personality, admirable charisma, and endless creativity. özge displays many of these same traits…soul sisters anyone?

Follow özge on to keep up with her latest and greatest, and till next time – dance your way to September!

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June Enchantments With ImageChef’s User of the Month Se®ay

Summer is a very enchanting time, complete with bright colors, beautiful destinations and freedom. Freedom from school for some, freedom to go outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather for others, and perhaps most importantly freedom to be creative. With the 4th of July just around the corner, we knew our ImageChef user of the month for June had to be someone well versed in rejoicing in their creative liberties, and we are thrilled to introduce you to Se®ay, our ImageChef user of the Month for June 2015!ca00491c1fdd0295
Se®ay lives in Turkey, and her playful remixes are reminiscent of her enchanting home. Describing herself as ‘Unapologetic’ Se®ay truly has a fierce personality which shines through in everything she does.
A fan of music and other fierce females, Se®ay adores Lady Gaga and other pop icons in Gaga’s sphere. This artistic femme fatale is probably inspired by their passion and willingness to think outside the box.
Like many of us a love of sugar is something Se®ay truly finds worth celebrating, and her colorful rejoicing shows all our favorite flavors! From chocolate to gummy to licorice, she’s got us covered!
Always hip and keeping up with the times, Se®ay has rainbow hair! Definitely in keeping with this summers unicorn inspired trends.
e leave you today with this last piece of wise advice from Se®ay, ‘Sometimes to love…We must shut up!’ Follow Se®ay‘s profile on to stay up-to-date with her latest and greatest and till next time: Stay enchanted!

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True Emotion With ImageChef User of the Month for April 2015 Marina!

Peace and love go together like peanut butter and jelly, like ImageChef and all things creative, the natural match is sure to please. When talking of peace and love it comes to mind that these are truly some of the most sincere sentiments out there. It comes as no surprise that our ImageChef User of the Month for April 2015, Marina, has enough genuine emotion to go around, and we are more than happy to honor her and share the love.
oining the ImageChef community from lovely South Africa, Marina has been with us since 2013, and since then has shared her positive intense sentiments with her fellow ImageChef users on a daily basis. Her thought provoking remixes are inspiring and inquisitive all at once.
One of the unique things about Marina is her clever approach to creating and sharing templates with the ImageChef community. Her bright, intelligent creations will be of interest to users no matter their age, location or gender, bringing humans together with optimism.
s with my creative personalities Marina has a darker side as well. Some of her creations are delightfully chilling and intense.
Whatever the subject matter Marina chooses to tackle, we can always count on it being filled with true emotion and passion. Follow her on today to keep up with her latest and greatest, and till next time in the eternal words of Journey, “hold on to that feeling“!

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Group Spotlight April 2015: Color My World

Each changing season can make the world overflow with color in it’s own unique way, and when it comes to spring bright hues overflow from nature making the great outdoors a rainbow of excitement and adventure. This month ImageChef is getting ready to celebrate Mothers Day, and is also celebrating mother earth’s diverse collection of shades with our Group Spotlight for April 2015: Color My World!
he members of our Color My World group are dreamers, romantics, and optimists of the highest degree. Their creations go far beyond addressing color, and the heartwarming content created by this group show the love and hope of each participant and are overflowing with inspiration.
Part of being a dreamer is finding the right situations in which your creativity can shine and you can experience life to it’s fullest. Color My World not only showcases colorful remixes, but also smart suggestions like in this remix that dictates to the viewer to enjoy your summer nights be they spent in London or New York.
Appreciating the finer things in life is also important to this crowd. From Music, to Soul Food these adventurers are always looking for the latest and greatest innovations of the universe.
The Color My World teaches us the importance of living in the moment, and being true to oneself, and we heard these artists loud and clear! Head over to or click here to join the Color My World group today, and till next time continue to have a vibrant Spring!

Enchanting Looks & Sweet Style With ImageChef’s User Of The Month For March 2015 Maria De Los Angeles


With the recent release of the new Cinderella movie there has been quite a bit of magic in the air. Our friend’s over at CyberLink and YouCam Makeup are even hosting a contest and released custom looks into their app that allow their users to become a Cinderella or Evil Stepmother look-alike (click here to check it out!) As we wrap up March 2015, it is time to get ready to put on your glass slippers and run off to the ball to meet your very own prince charming. Our ImageChef User of The Month for March 2015 is overflowing with enchantment which we can’t wait to share with you, meet miss maria de los angeles!


Hailing from Venezuela maria de los angeles has been using ImageChef since 2014, and during that time she has become a whimsical maestro of all things creative and animated, and would be aptly called a ‘Remix Master’.



Oftentimes utilizing popular ImageChef features such as ‘stickers’ or ‘animation’ and integrating these tools into sketchpad, maria de los angeles‘ output tells a variety of diverse stories, many of which are fairy tale related.


Other prevalent subject matter on maria de los angeles‘ account includes explorations of love, friendship, and a devotion to the creative spirit of other artists like cartoonists.

 maria de los angeles is a beloved member of our ImageChef community, and we are very lucky to have her. Visit her profile page by clicking here, or via here unique ImageChef URL: mardeangeles

Till next time…enjoy spring!