ImageChef 7.0 App Update Released!


It’s time to put down your Cadbury Creme Egg for a moment and pick up your mobile device, we’re excited to announce the release of ImageChef and ImageChef+ 7.0 App update for iPhone and iPad! This egg-cellent release is filled to the brim with everything you need to make this Easter magical.



Featuring spring and Easter themed stickers, templates and shapes to create visual poems with, the creative possibilities are limitless! From peeps, to bunnies, to tulips to bunny ears, the new tools in this release would fill up even the largest of Easter Baskets.


We’ve also added some classic new templates to this release including but not limited to our popular Coffee Mug text template and Mason Jar photo-frame!


Even the Easter Bunny is hopping over to the App store download the update today. Remember as always ImageChef+ has even more fantastic features such a zooming video to see you eggs hatch in real time, make sure to check it out!

Download the ImageChef App for iPhone or iPad:
Download the ImageChef+ App for iPhone or iPad:

Gifting New Templates for the Holidays at!

Tis’ the season…for gingerbread houses, sparkly Christmas lights, gifting and magic of all sorts! Since we’re feeling wrapped up in the Holiday spirit over here at ImageChef, we channeled our inspiration into some fantastic new templates for the season. However you spend your holidays, we are thankful for all your love and support of our website, and we hope these templates find you well!

First off we’ve got a new Gift Tag Ribbon text template for you to write your greetings on…

Next we’re taking holiday cheer to new heights with our Construction Crane Template!

Followed by a visit to a Winter Wonderland with our Winter Paper Cut frame.

And then it’s time to curl up with a cup of cocoa by the Christmas Tree with our Christmas Ornament photo frame.

Then we’re taking it to the streets, where we’ll brake for Gingerbread with our new Square Street Sign template.

Next it’s time to feel evergreen, with our new Christmas Tree text template.

And last but not least all we want for Christmas is you…and this great new Ribbon text template!

Merry Christmas from all of us at ImageChef! Head over to for more Holiday fun!

Have you met Travieza? Our ImageChef User of the Month for May!

Happy May everyone! I know that many of you have been graduating and starting off exciting new phases of your lives, and we at ImageChef want to say congrats and wish you the best. Speaking of new and exciting things, I would like to take a moment and introduce you to our ImageChef User of the Month for May 2012: Travieza!

This lovely lady hails from Mexico, and has been part of the ImageChef community since 2010. In this time she has found a place in our hearts and minds with her amazing photo templates and creative symbols!

What initially caught our eye about Travieza was that while she is clearly an ImageChef Pro, her focus is very different than many of our users. Most ImageChef users create Remixes using elements that already exist in the ImageChef library, and combine them to create wonderful new designs. Travieza chooses a different approach, making symbols from scratch, and using her own symbols to make incredible photo templates which she shares with the ImageChef Community!

We found her unique approach refreshing, and we are a huge fan of her creations! We’ve noticed that Travieza‘s creations have been pretty popular on Instagram lately, so make sure you are following the ImageChef Instagram @imagechefapp to stay in the loop! If you have not done so already, make sure to add Travieza as a friend, to stay up to date with her imagination!

You can access Travieza’s ImageChef profile right over here:

New Photo Frames to cure your March Madness

ImageChef, WoodGrain, Photo Frame, Photo, Creative
Hello everyone, happy March. While most folks associate March Madness with Basketball, when I think of March Madness I am thinking more about the insanity that begins to set in when Spring is so close yet so far away. Oftentimes when I am aching for Spring, I like to find things to distract myself and add a splash of brightness to my wintery days, things like sweet new ImageChef Photo Frames!

Whether you’ve got the hots for Woodgrain, Bricks, Sunglare, Retro Film Strips, or Dust Specks we’ve got what your looking for with these great new Photo Frames. Hopefully you can pop a picture of Summer into one of these Frames and stare wistfully at it while you wait for warmer weather to arrive.

Follow the links below to get to each Photo Frame:
Brick Photo Frame on ImageChef
Sun Glare Photo Frame on ImageChef
Wood Grain Photo Frame on ImageChef
Film Slide Photo Frame on ImageChef
Dust Specks Photo Frame on ImageChef