Emphasis on Aesthetics with ImageChef User of the Month Brenda♥!


Hello ImageChef Artists, can you believe how quickly summer is flying by? We’re trying to savor the moments so it’s not over before we know it and you should do the same! To help you enjoy the moment while you are in it, we’ve chosen a User of the Month for June 2014 who does just that each and every day: Brenda♥


Hailing from Mexico Brenda♥ has been savoring the moment on ImageChef since 2010. Her motto is ‘When you smile, I smile‘ and it’s hard not to smile when looking through her profile so we can imagine that she is always wearing a grin :-)


What we enjoy most about Brenda♥ is her willingness to embrace the simple things in life like friendship, music and love. Her remixes explore these and many more beautiful basics that make being alive worth it. 


Brenda♥ is an active member of many ImageChef Groups including ExPrEsA Tu aRte and remixes de famosos and has made many friends in the ImageChef community during the past few years. Open to being inspired by the creativity of others Brenda♥ is an integral piece of the ImageChef puzzle.


Head over to her profile today to stay up to date with her latest and greatest, and till next time…Savor SUMMER!

Click here to follow Brenda♥ on ImageChef.com


Group Spotlight June 2014: ExPrEsA Tu aRte


Hello ImageChef artists, we hope you’ve had a very relaxing weekend? Have you been following the World Cup? What about the NBA Playoffs? With these events and much much more, it’s shaping up to be a month of excitement and passion, so it’s no wonder our Group Spotlight for June 2014 focuses on expression and creativity. Without further ado, we’d like to direct your attention to ExPrEsA Tu aRte, our Group Spotlight for June 2014!


Our intention with Group Spotlight is to open your eyes to the wealth of micro-communities that exist beneath the ImageChef umbrella, and ExPrEsA Tu aRte is no exception. With topics ranging from music the group members love (One Direction!) to learning how to speak with one’s heart, and how to be a good friends, the content these artists are interested in is much more than skin deep.


This fantastic group is moderated by ImageChef ◕‿‿◕シ❤☆║..daniel..║☆❤シ◕‿‿◕ who hails from Spain, and who’s remixes abound with crazy patterns, clever sayings and fashion models. His influence can be seen within the ExPrEsA Tu aRte group and clearly inspires the other members.


One very common thread that we noted in the ExPrEsA Tu aRte group was the focus on love. The passion behind these creations is truly undeniable, and we are thrilled to open your eyes to this exciting community.


Head over to ImageChef to check out more great remixes and content in the ExPrEsA Tu aRte group, or join today to get in on the magic: Click Here to Visit the ExPrEsA Tu aRte Page on ImageChef.com


Splash Into Summer with ImageChef!


June has arrived, and it’s time to splash into summer! Before you put on your swim trunks and cannonball off the high-dive into the sunniest season of the year, take a peek at some of ImageChef‘s favorite summer inspired photo-frames, text templates and user-made remixes!

0131a20407ddab96First off, ImageChef artist ØLeydi(n_n) likes the ocean, the breeze and the beautiful sunrises of summer! Head over to her profile to explore more seascapes and sunny ideas: http://www.imagechef.com/ic/mystuff.jsp?u=3466050

pur1a9f58cc5d07913fOne of the only things that can make summer even more fantastic is summer love. Put a photo of you with your main squeeze into ImageChef‘s neon ‘Big Words‘ photo-frame with a message to commemorate special moments.

samp308732121d217fd0Going on a fantastic summer vacation? Makes sure to bring some stamps to send postcards to your loved ones. ImageChef artist elietta created this sunshine influenced stamp using our stamp photo-frame, make your own stamp by clicking here.

And to wrap this up we’ve got seashells, starfish, waves, and salty water with ImageChef’s Summer Shell‘s photo-frame. Remember to try this one out when you are flipping through the selfies you took on the beach and want to share them with your friends.

We hope you’re June and your summer get off to a fantastic start, and till next time…don’t get a sunburn!

Heading Off to Hogwarts with ImageChef User of the Month for May 2014 princess(potterhead)!


Greetings! With Memorial Day officially behind us we feel like summer is finally in full swing. We can’t wait for the long days filled with sunshine, sand and smiles. There’s a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to this celebratory season that makes every moment feel infused with enchantment. That’s why we’re smitten with the sorcery of our ImageChef User of the Month for May 2014 princess(potterhead)!


Hailing from France princess(potterhead) (or Alex to her confidantes) has been using ImageChef since 2011. Much like a magic school graduate she has been elaborating on her skills with each passing year, taking her to her current phase of witchcraft wonder.


Clearly an enormous Harry Potter fan many of princess(potterhead)‘s ImageChef creations center around themes in the books and movies and explorations of all things magical. From musing about death and darkness to drawing whimsical parallels between Harry Potter and popular movie ‘Up‘, princess(potterhead) leaves no sorcerer’s stone unturned.


Of course princess(potterhead)‘s interests extend far beyond Harry Potter. With a passion for travel, fashion and love this multi-faceted artist is more than worthy to be our stand out user for May 2014!


Visit princess(potterhead)‘s profile on ImageChef.com to follow her and stay up to date with her latest and greatest: http://www.imagechef.com/ic/mystuff.jsp?u=7221671


Group Spotlight May 2014: Our Emotions ♥!


Happy Mother’s Day! From brunches to bouquets and everything in between, we at ImageChef hope your day has been filled with motherly love and appreciation for the wonderful woman who gave you life. To help celebrate this very special day filled to the brim with love, we would like to share a very special ImageChef Group which explores a variety of other feelings with our ‘Group Spotlight’ for May 2014: Our Emotions ♥ !

Currently enticing 1000+ members Our Emotions ♥ is a popular group growing larger everyday. Founded by one of our favorite all star ImageChef artists ·´¯`·- Aℓι¢є in Wσи∂єяℓαи∂ -·´¯`·.  the group has a strong foundation in creativity. ·´¯`·- Aℓι¢є in Wσи∂єяℓαи∂ -·´¯`·. continues to nourish and collaborate promoting participation and connection within this sweet community. As one can imagine the star topic of this moody group is ‘emotion‘ in all it’s numerous forms. 


The remixes in the Our Emotions ♥ group easily cover all the emotions in the spectrum, from sadness to joy, from love to heartbreak, from friendship to loathing, this group has it all and serves as a central location where the ImageChef Community can indulge their softer side.


Members of Our Emotions ♥ celebrate the changing of seasons as though it were a fantastic holiday and we can’t agree with them more. Who isn’t ready for summer to arrive?


Join the Our Emotions ♥ group on ImageChef.com to start contributing to the fun, and to stay up to date with everyone else’s emotions. Click Here to Join!