Soak up Star Power with ImageChef User of the Month: Lυℓy Вιєвєr Hσrαη Sγкєs ∞ (Hιρs†α Pℓєαѕє)


This summer sure has flown by! And what an exciting summer it was, from fairs to beaches, from baseball to beauty to celebrity love ImageChef Users truly have gone this distance over the past few months! With fall just around the corner and everyone going back to school, we’re drinking in the last of the warmth and dreaming of the spotlight with our ImageChef User of the Month for August 2014: Lυℓy Вιєвєr Hσrαη Sγкєs ∞ (Hιρs†α Pℓєαѕє)!


Hailing from Argentina Lυℓy Вιєвєr Hσrαη Sγкєs ∞ (Hιρs†α Pℓєαѕє) has been using ImageChef since 2012 and since then has created a plethora of fantastic Remixes about all things sweet in life from her favorite celebrities and musicians to candy and love.


Some of Lυℓy Вιєвєr Hσrαη Sγкєs ∞ (Hιρs†α Pℓєαѕє)‘s favorites include: Justin Bieber, One Direction, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus,  and Avril Lavigne. 


Lυℓy Вιєвєr Hσrαη Sγкєs ∞ (Hιρs†α Pℓєαѕє)‘s motto is “Believe in you Dreams ♥ Be Yourself ♥” and her creations celebrate this sentiment encouraging others to strive for love, take chances and live out their wildest fantasies and hopes each and every day.


It is no surprise that Lυℓy Вιєвєr Hσrαη Sγкєs ∞ (Hιρs†α Pℓєαѕє) is a popular member of the ImageChef community, and a member of many groups including ☁WereOriginal☁Sweet♥Dreams and fαsнισηιsтαs♔. She has many friends and continues to inspire those around her and be inspired by them. 


Follow Lυℓy Вιєвєr Hσrαη Sγкєs ∞ (Hιρs†α Pℓєαѕє) today to keep up with her latest and greatest, and till next time…Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Five Ways to Get All Dolled Up With ImageChef!


Ever since our partners CyberLink released their awesome YouCam Makeup App, we at ImageChef have been dreaming of getting dolled up and stepping out on the town. Do you have any fancy end of summer events to get pretty for this August? We decided to pull together some ideas to help you get gorgeous for that special event with some ImageChef Artist creations!


1. Go glad with your eyes: Don’t be afraid of to add a little sparkle and be dramatic!


2. Buy a snazzy new dress for your soiree: One of the best ways to feel like a princess is to wear a gown.


3. When it comes to lips, color is your friend: Don’t be afraid of the rainbow and match your color to your outfit!


4. Get inspired by celeb style: Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez know how to get pretty like no other, check out their outfits from red carpet walks and galas to get ideas.


5. When it comes to your coif, go big or go home: Big hair is all the rage! A styling up-do might be just the thing to bring your perfect look home.

We hope you enjoyed these insights on how to embrace the nightlife and put your best face forward. Till next time, good luck getting ready to step out!

Click Here to Download the YouCam Makeup App for iOS
Click Here to Download the YouCam Makeup App for Android

Put Your Best Face Forward With CyberLink’s YouCam Makeup App!


The week is in full swing at ImageChef and CyberLink, and regardless of how your week started out, it’s about to get much much better! We’ve got a colorful surprise to brighten up your Tuesday and help you put your best face forward, ImageChef’s partner CyberLink just announced the release of their brand new YouCam Makeup App for your iOS and Android Devices!

The new app allows users to virtually apply fashionable makeup to a photo in seconds. Whether you are in interested in gaining the benefits of makeup without putting harsh chemicals on your skin, or you want to experiment with the latest styles before you try them out, the YouCam Makeup App has something for you!

CyberLink CEO Alice H. Chang says it best:

“There are many reasons for women to wear makeup – to gain confidence, enhance their natural beauty or simply to express themselves.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 8.30.08 PM

Try out hundreds of lipstick, eyeshadow, eye liner and mascara colors and styles, all from the palm of your hand! A few features that we are especially excited about include:
Face Detection: Accurately detects facial features and creates the most realistic cosmetic overlays on selfies and portrait photos.
Flawless Skin & Face: Fix facial imperfections by removing shine, blemishes and evening out skin tone. Define and illuminate by enhancing the nose, highlighting facial contours, and applying blush for a pop of color.
Eyes That Sparkle: Enlarge your eyes and eliminate puffy bags or dark circles. Makes it easy to try out custom eye shadow palettes, lengthening mascara & distinct eye liner styles.
Glossy Lips & Gleaming Teeth: Lipstick in high-glam glossy or modern matte colors, and teeth that dazzle like never before with the magic teeth whitener.
Real-Time Skin Beautifying Effects: 14 real-time skin beautification effects to enhance your facial features even before you start to apply makeup.
Makeup Tips in Your Pocket: Stay updated with the latest makeup & beauty tips, learning from makeup experts all over the world.


Best of all? The YouCam Makeup App is free! Download the App today to whichever mobile platform you prefer to take your makeup dreams from imagination to reality:

Click Here to Download the YouCam Makeup App for iOS
Click Here to Download the YouCam Makeup App for Android

Group Spotlight August 2014: ‘Ծυʀ ƪℴѵɛ’

Holler ImageChef artists! Has your summer been filled with love? Or are you still waiting for that special someone? Whatever the case you’re going to be smitten with ImageChef’s Group Spotlight for August 2014: Ծυʀ ƪℴѵɛ!


Fueled by the slogan ‘Bring You romantic, love, cute, kissing mixes here!‘ Ծυʀ ƪℴѵɛ is a hub for all true believers. From the hopeless to the hopeful romantics, group founder Ahmed invites lovers and dreamers from all walks of life to share their impulses hopes and dreams.


Even Cupid would be a fan of the whimsically romantic content the users in Ծυʀ ƪℴѵɛ come up with. From dreaming of eternity to musing over superheroes, the group provides an expansive variety of content. 


The members of Ծυʀ ƪℴѵɛ are inspired by fantastic love stories like Bella and Edward’s in Twilight. What love story inspires you? Join the Ծυʀ ƪℴѵɛ group on ImageChef today and fall head over heels for the romantic atmosphere!

Click Here to Join the Ծυʀ ƪℴѵɛ Group on

Back to School 2014 ImageChef Style!


Alas, Summer is almost over! We’re soaking up those last sweet rays of sunshine, and getting ready for the exciting things that are yet to come in 2014…like going back to school! Are you ready for the new school year? New friends, new classes, new teachers and new school clothes, what’s not to love? To help you get prepped for all the exciting new things that Fall 2014 has in store, we at ImageChef have a few classic education inspired templates to help you get ready for school spirit!

pur69020a0e495573c0First off as you start out your day how do you get to your school’s campus? The most fun way is to take the school bus! Get on board and start off your day by chatting with friends, don’t forget a nutritious breakfast: Hop on Board the School Bus!

pur94687db0f39f8513Have you ever had a teacher who has a unique way of teaching? What about an educator that looks like an elephant? As you sit at your desk and get ready to learn remember this silly template for a few laughs: Meet Professor Elephant


Did you get a new binder when you shopped for back to school supplies? Our favorite is the kind with the clear cover so we can put photos of our besties and favorite celebs: Create Your Own Custom Binder


Lastly don’t forget to take lots of notes to make sure that learning sticks! Get the Notepad Template

Good luck getting ready to go back to school and till next time, keep learning!