The Peculiar case of Ego Leonard.

Happy 11/11/11 everyone! I hope that today is just jam packed with good luck for you folks. It has been quite lucky for us over at ImageChef, we’ve just discovered some long lost photos of the very famous Ego Leonard! The date of this discovery is quite fortuitous, because as luck would have it one of these photos was taken on 11/11/1911 at Niagra Falls! This notoriously lucky day seems to have shed some light on Ego Leonards past travels as well as his current escapades.

For those of you unfamiliar with the saga of Ego Leonard, He is a giant Lego man who has been doing a tour of some of the finest beaches in the world. He’s been spotted at Brighton Beach in London, Siesta Keys Beach and Florida, and on a beach in Zandvoort in the Netherlands. It is unclear how Mr. Ego Leonard has been travelling, he has never been spotted on an airplane or a boat, Perhaps ego is more than he seems, could he be some magical entity that can fly? Can he swim great distances without tiring?

One thing is for sure, Ego Leonard is speaking his message loud and clear with his signature Green T-shirt which reads “No Real than you are”. Well my friends, Ego Leonard is very real indeed, check it out he even socializes a bit with tourists.

We over at ImageChef were lucky enough to stumble upon this Ego Leonard Remix Party where Mr. Leonard is appearing in all sorts of exciting new places. From hitting up the Disco with Christopher Walken, to hanging out at Stone Henge with Lil’ Wayne, and visiting Mt. Rushmore with President Obama, we’ve discovered Ego’s long lost world travels.

Create a submission to our Remix Party to show us where Ego Leonard is showing up next: ImageChef Ego Leonard Remix Party!

For more information on Ego Leonard check out this wikipedia article, and his personal homepage below:
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