Facebook Timeline Templates are all the rage at ImageChef!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a very sweet Valentine’s Day this week.

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As many of you already know, we recently released a great new feature that allows ImageChef users to create Facebook Timeline Profile Banners for their accounts once they have updated to Timeline View. Since releasing this great new feature, we’ve made some updates that will make our Timeline Cover Tool easier to use, and we wanted to share them with you…

First off, now you can send your newly created ImageChef Facebook Profile Banner Directly to a Facebook album from ImageChef by using Facebook Connect. If you haven’t done so already go try this out, it will make uploading your new Banner easy.

Additionally we have released a number of Facebook Timeline Banner Templates that you can pop your photos into. This allows you to create a Timeline Cover quickly even if you aren’t feeling super creative at the moment, simply insert your photos into one of these great templates!

Lastly we’ve compiled a collection of User Made Timeline Cover Templates. We were very impressed by the tremendous Banners our users have created over the last few weeks, Here are some of our Favorites:

Justin Bieber, Template, Facebook Banner, Updates
We all know two Bieber’s are better than one, and ImageChef user ℓσvε●нαηαη●ηυя made this awesome template so you can plug in your favorite pictures and show the world on Facebook! Click Here to make it your own…

ImageChef, Ghetto Blaster, Music, Creative, Facebook, Timeline, Template
Do you own a Ghetto Blaster? ImageChef user david sure does, click here to get the party started…

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ImageChef user DJ is dreaming in digital with this colorful shapes and lines template he created, you can snag it right over here.

Enjoy these templates and show your favorites in the comments. Have a great weekend from all of us at ImageChef.

You can access the ImageChef Facebook Timeline Banner Tools and the Template Library right over here:

ImageChef Facebook Timeline Cover Templates

Congrats to Kira our ImageChef User of the Month for January!

Happy January. Have you guys been getting winter weather? Here in San Francisco it feels as though winter has just begun with our first big rainstorm of the season. What a great time to go puddle hopping!

In addition to being psyched about the belated arrival of winter, I am also super excited to announce our ImageChef User of the Month for January 2012: Kira!

Demi Lovato, Pop Star, Kira, ImageChef, Creative

Kira is one of the most productive ImageChef users. Hailing from the good old US of A her sweet remixes are well loved by folks all over the globe. Kira has only been using ImageChef since 2011 but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming an instant ImageChef Pro, who has a unique mastery of of our tools and a great eye for design in her Remixes.

Cookie Monster, Headphones, ImageChef, Kira, Creative

Kira uses text in her Remixes in a wonderful way, and is always incorporating creative quotes and puns that make her artwork more dynamic.

Glasses, Blue Hair, ImageChef, Love, Kira, Creative

If you aren’t already friends with this up and coming ImageChef star make sure to go add her to stay up to date with her amazing Remixes and clever contributions.

To check out Kira’s ImageChef Page head over here: Kira on ImageChef

Need a new Facebook Timeline Profile Picture? ImageChef has a template for that!

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So as you may have noticed Facebook has introduced a new ‘Timeline‘ profile view option that changes the look and feel of your Facebook profile. While this new timeline feature is pretty awesome, you will discover that when you transfer over to the new layout you will need a banner sized profile picture to decorate your sweet new page.

Never fear, ImageChef has you covered. We’ve just released a new Facebook Timeline Banner Maker Tool that can be used to create a banner for your new Facebook Timeline page using ImageChef Sketchpad.

This new tool will allow our users to make creative one of a kind banners for their Facebook Timelines. Using Sketchpad tools like stickers, symbols, photographs and text, pretty soon ImageChef users will have the best Timeline profiles on Facebook!

Head over to ImageChef to make yourself a new Facebook Timeline Photo, and keep an eye out for our Facebook Timeline Templates that will be coming soon!

Click here to use the ImageChef Facebook Timeline Maker Tool

The Best user made Symbols on ImageChef by 花明かり

Can you believe it is January 2012!?! Another year has flown by here at ImageChef, and as usual we are constantly discovering amazing users who have been using our applications in unique ways. Today I would like to call attention to one such user and give her props for her stellar symbols! In fact I would go so far as saying that these are the best symbols I have seen on ImageChef, so put your hands together for user 花明かり. Hailing from Japan 花明かり has been using ImageChef since 2009, and in those 3 short years she has gained a unique mastery of our symbol maker tool.

Her symbols are delicate, unique, whimsical, and charming, and we’ve never seen anything like them. Keep up the great work 花明かり! Check out her ImageChef account for more inspiration: 花明かり’s ImageChef Account.

The Best Remix Parties of 2011 on ImageChef

I can’t believe that 2011 is almost over, it’s been such an amazing year over at ImageChef. We’ve launched loads of exciting New Features, Fresh Text Templates, and Sweet Photo Frames for our users. ImageChef couldn’t be more thrilled to see you guys using all our great new content. We are grateful to have such dedicated imaginative inspiring users and are looking forward to another great year in 2012!

Let’s take a trip down memory name, as we take a gander at the ImageChef Best Remix Parties of 2011!

The #1 Remix Party of 2011 was ‘Write me Something’ created by ImageChef user EL RINCONCITO DE LETYCIA, this Remix party had 271 wonderful submissions!

The #2 Remix Party of 2011 goes to ‘Pen & Paper’ created by ImageChef User ♥ ° ♥ Aisha ‘♥ ° ♥ Receiving 165 submissions this amazing ImageChef creation was a solid Runner up!

And last but not least I give you the #3 Remix Party of 2011, which goes to ‘Rainbow’ created by ImageChef User and Founder Rolf with 133 submissions:

Great job to the creators of these popular Remix Parties, Keep an eye on the Remix Party main page over at ImageChef because we will be re-releasing some of these Parties as a special treat to help usher in the New Year. I look forward to seeing all the amazing thing that you guys will create in 2012, have a very very Happy New Years Eve and we’ll see you next year!