Introducing ImageChef's New Visual Poetry App for the iPad & iPhone!

Do you have a way with words? Now you can become the Shakespeare of the digital age, with the brand new Visual Poetry App from ImageChef! Visual Poetry is an App for iPhone and iPad that uses ImageChef’s popular Word Mosaic style and takes it to the next level.

Create a text collage with unique typography, then use your finger as a paintbrush filling your poetic creation with our eye popping color palette. Snap a photo, and overlay it with stylized dynamic text. Then share your word-art with your friends on InstagramFacebookTwitter and Email.

Visual Poetry App from ImageChef

Whether you are a fiend for font-faces, or simply a lover of all things ImageChef, this is the App for you!

Visual Poetry is available for iPhone or iPad: Click here to snag it from The App Store

Make sure to check out our video on Youtube to see how it works: Visual Poetry on Youtube

What's Love Got to do with it?

ImageChef user Megan has some words of wisdom for all the lovers out thereHowdy everyone! I hope that you have been having a lovely summer thus far. We at ImageChef truly enjoyed all your clever ImageChef creations counting down to the end of school and the celebrating beginning of summer break!

We’ve had so many exciting new features on ImageChef as of late, that we haven’t had as many opportunities to recognize some of the stellar remixes from our favorite users! That is why today I would like to take a moment to share some brand new Love inspired Sketchpad Remixes.

To kick things off, here’s ImageChef all-star Kira, who wants us to “Look at all this Passion Around Us”…

Passion themed ImageChef Sketchpad Remix by user Kira

An apple of day can keep the Heartache away, with this Remix by ImageChef user #Jakii♥

An Apple a day keeps the heartache away, by ImageChef User Jaqueline

Do you believe in Magic? ImageChef user ♫ ♥ Rosario ♥ ♫ does….

Believe in Magic with this Sketchpad Creation by ImageChef user Rosario

And last but not least, who doesn’t love a good Cookie Monster Remix, from ImageChef user Mαrïα●Cσσкιєѕ●Мσηѕтєя:

Naturally ImageChef User Maria Cookie Monster Love Cookies

Check out all these awesome ImageChef users profiles at the links below:

ImageChef User: Kira

ImageChef User: Mαrïα●Cσσкιєѕ●Мσηѕтєя

ImageChef User: »○Megan○«

ImageChef User: ♫ ♥ Rosario ♥ ♫

ImageChef User: #Jakii♥

Have you met Travieza? Our ImageChef User of the Month for May!

Happy May everyone! I know that many of you have been graduating and starting off exciting new phases of your lives, and we at ImageChef want to say congrats and wish you the best. Speaking of new and exciting things, I would like to take a moment and introduce you to our ImageChef User of the Month for May 2012: Travieza!

This lovely lady hails from Mexico, and has been part of the ImageChef community since 2010. In this time she has found a place in our hearts and minds with her amazing photo templates and creative symbols!

What initially caught our eye about Travieza was that while she is clearly an ImageChef Pro, her focus is very different than many of our users. Most ImageChef users create Remixes using elements that already exist in the ImageChef library, and combine them to create wonderful new designs. Travieza chooses a different approach, making symbols from scratch, and using her own symbols to make incredible photo templates which she shares with the ImageChef Community!

We found her unique approach refreshing, and we are a huge fan of her creations! We’ve noticed that Travieza‘s creations have been pretty popular on Instagram lately, so make sure you are following the ImageChef Instagram @imagechefapp to stay in the loop! If you have not done so already, make sure to add Travieza as a friend, to stay up to date with her imagination!

You can access Travieza’s ImageChef profile right over here:

Introducing ImageChef for the iPad!

I know that many of you have been using our ImageChef and ImageChef+ iPhone Apps for quite some time. You’ve probably been enjoying the many unique templates and features the App provides, such as being able to connect to your ImageChef account from you mobile device.

Have you ever been using ImageChef on you iPhone, and thought to yourself “If only this screen were way bigger”? The size of an Apple iPad perhaps? Well we are very very excited to introduce the newest and greatest addition to the ImageChef family : The ImageChef iPad App aka ImageChef 4.0!

Head over to the App Store today to download the brand new ImageChef App to your iPad, and gain access to hundreds of awesome Text Templates, Photo Frames and much more. Connect to the ImageChef community, and share your creations on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

You can get the App right over here:

ImageChef Text Templates are Trending on Instagram

Since I know you are all exceptionally digitally chic, I’ll bet you’re all posting pictures to Instagram like crazy. Over at ImageChef we are pretty smitten with Instagram as well. We’re very excited that lately ImageChef Text Templates have been trending on Instagram. Our ImageChef users have been using the ImageChef iPhone App to connect to Instagram and share their favorite ImageChef creations, the most popular of which have been ImageChef Text Templates.

Instagram users like to utilize ImageChef text templates to communicate to their followers, like Instagram user Bob13e using this Text Template to try to gain Instagram followers:

Did you know that if you double tap a photo on Instagram it will instantly make you ‘like’ said photo? Instagram users enjoy trying to trick their friends into liking their photos with this clever ruse, displayed here by Instagram user Laxgal1725:

Then there are Instagram users like Sam_Landeros who simply want to use ImageChef text templates to shout out to their followers:

If you aren’t following ImageChef on Instagram you can find us by searching for ImageChefApp. Till next time, keep having fun with ImageChef on Instagram!

You can get the ImageChef iPhone App right over here: