Happy Holidays, and some sweet new templates to wrap up 2011!

Fireworks, Celebration, ImageChef, New Years Eve

Christmas is almost upon us, and oh boy do we have a present for you! We’ve just released some sweet new Text Templates. Whether you choose to use them to send out virtual holiday greetings, snazz up your facebook profile, or just play around with, we hope you enjoy these new additions to the ImageChef Family. We’ve got some graffiti for the vandal in you, A DJ booth if you are musically inclined, A “Hello my name is…” Sticker in case you are concerned you will forget your name, and a fireworks template to spell out your message to the skies. Enjoy these sweet new templates and have a very Merry Christmas filled with presents and christmas cookies galore. Head over to ImageChef to make these gems your own.

ImageChef User of the Month for December: .·´¯`·- Aℓι¢є in Wσи∂єяℓαи∂

My goodness does time fly, only 8 days left till Christmas! Hopefully you all have your stockings hung, and your presents bought, if not you better get cracking!

This Christmas I have a special present for ImageChef user .·´¯`·- Aℓι¢є in Wσи∂єяℓαи∂… I am proud to anounce that she is our ImageChef user of the Month for December!
.·´¯`·- Aℓι¢є in Wσи∂єяℓαи∂ joined ImageChef in 2009, and has become an irreplaceable member of our creative haven! Not only is Alice one of our most prolific artists, but she also is also one of the most active members of the ImageChef community.

.·´¯`·- Aℓι¢є in Wσи∂єяℓαи∂ founded and moderates one of the most popular groups on ImageChef, the ‘Our Emotions’ Group, and is a member and active user of many of other groups as well. With over 2000 friends .·´¯`·- Aℓι¢є in Wσи∂єяℓαи∂ has found a home at ImageChef where she can share her inspiration and create connections.

Keep up the great work .·´¯`·- Aℓι¢є… and Happy Holidays everyone!

You can check out .·´¯`·- Aℓι¢є in Wσи∂єяℓαи∂’s ‘Our Emotions’ ImageChef group over here: http://www.imagechef.com/ic/groups/group.jsp?gid=5809146

Sweet New Text and Photo Templates

Jolly, Santa, Photo-Template, ImageChef

It may be getting cold outside, but things are heating up over at ImageChef with brand spanking new Photo and Text Templates. We’ve just released a fabulous Chest Tattoo Text Template, A Wall Advertisement Text Template, A Crop Circles Text Template, An Slime Text Template, and last but not least a Jolly Santa Photo Template just in time for the holidays!

We’re very excited to bring this great new content to our users, and we hope you enjoy getting creative these wonderful new designs.

Crop Circles Customizable Text Template at ImageChef
Slime Customizable Text Template at ImageChef
Wall Advertisement Customizable Text Template over at ImageChef
Jolly Santa Photo Template at ImageChef
Chest Tattoo Customizable Text Template on ImageChef

ImageChef Sketchpad Video Tutorials

Sketchpad is a unique staple of ImageChef. Our users have created so many inspired templates with Sketchpad over the years. Recently we’ve added quite a few exciting new things to Sketchpad like Photo-Masking and our sweet Stickers. To help our users navigate through all these awesome updates we’ve released a series of Sketchpad Video Tutorials that give you step by step instruction on how to get creative with Sketchpad.

Check them out over at Our YouTube Page or via the links below.

ImageChef Sketchpad Tutorial 1/5 ‘Symbols & Stickers’
ImageChef Sketchpad Tutorial 2/5 ‘Adding Text’
ImageChef Sketchpad Tutorial 3/5 ‘Animation’
ImageChef Sketchpad Tutorial 4/5 ‘Uploading Photos’
ImageChef Sketchpad Tutorial 3/5 ‘Masking Photos’

Introducing the new Sketchpad StickerMaker Tool + Tutorial

Happy December everyone! Over here at ImageChef we are super excited that the holiday season is finally upon us, and in the spirit of giving we have some exciting new features to gift to the ImageChef community.

For awhile many of you have been using our photo-masking tool in ImageChef Sketchpad to make radical photo-symbols, and our Sticker feature to insert pre-created masked photos into your Sketchpad masterpieces (for those of you not in the know check out This Post for info on our stickers feature and This Post for info on our Masking Tool). We are very excited to announce that now you can create and save your own Stickers with our fantastic new Stickermaker Tool.

Follow these easy steps to get started creating stickers:

Step 1: Log into your ImageChef Account and launch ImageChef Sketchpad (make sure you are logged in so that you can save your stickers and share them with other ImageChef users). Once you are logged in click the ‘Create new Sticker’ button located under our Symbols menu:
StickerMaker, ImageChef, Sketchpad

Step 2: A window will pop up explaining how StickerMaker works and prompting you to upload a photo that you would like to mask to create a sticker:
ImageChef, StickerMaker, Sketchpad

Step 3: Once you have selected the photo you would like to use crop it down in the crop window. Cutting off as much as possible will make the photo easier to mask, I have chosen this colorful picture of a screaming gecko:
ImageChef, Sketchpad, StickerMaker

Step 4: There are a variety of different sized eraser tips for you to choose from, choose whichever size best matches the amount of detail you want your finished sticker to have. Once you have chosen a eraser tip, begin erasing the background of your photo. If you make a mistake there is a great ‘undo’ tool that will allow you to take a step back:
Sketchpad, StickerMaker, ImageChef

Step 5: Once you have finished masking your photo using our erasers and are super happy with your creation, click the checkmark tool to save your finished Sticker:
ImageChef, Sketchpad, Stickermaker

Step 6: Once your Sticker has been saved you can find it under the Stickers tab in Sketchpad. Click the ‘My Stickers’ button to add the sticker to your Sketchpad templates. The sticker will also be available for other ImageChef users to enjoy:
Sketchpad, StickerMaker, ImageChef

That’s all for now folks, go get started creating Stickers and make sure to check back soon to see our awesome Sketchpad Video Tutorial Series.