ImageChef Text Templates are Trending on Instagram

Since I know you are all exceptionally digitally chic, I’ll bet you’re all posting pictures to Instagram like crazy. Over at ImageChef we are pretty smitten with Instagram as well. We’re very excited that lately ImageChef Text Templates have been trending on Instagram. Our ImageChef users have been using the ImageChef iPhone App to connect to Instagram and share their favorite ImageChef creations, the most popular of which have been ImageChef Text Templates.

Instagram users like to utilize ImageChef text templates to communicate to their followers, like Instagram user Bob13e using this Text Template to try to gain Instagram followers:

Did you know that if you double tap a photo on Instagram it will instantly make you ‘like’ said photo? Instagram users enjoy trying to trick their friends into liking their photos with this clever ruse, displayed here by Instagram user Laxgal1725:

Then there are Instagram users like Sam_Landeros who simply want to use ImageChef text templates to shout out to their followers:

If you aren’t following ImageChef on Instagram you can find us by searching for ImageChefApp. Till next time, keep having fun with ImageChef on Instagram!

You can get the ImageChef iPhone App right over here:

Get in the groove, with ImageChef User of the Month for April Brendα♥:]

Happy April everyone! I know your all itching to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, but before you do I would like to take a moment introduce a lovely lady whose creative energy is on the loose. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it is once again time to unleash our ImageChef User of the Month for April, Brendα♥:]!

Hailing from Mexico, Brendα♥:] has been using ImageChef since 2010. Brendα♥:] wasted no time, quickly immersing herself into the thriving ImageChef community and becoming an allstar with her quirky creations and sweet personality.

I was first drawn to Brendα♥:]‘s ImageChef account when I witnessed her love of pop culture. A self proclaimed Belieber , Brendα♥:]‘s love of pop culture is not limited to just Justin Bieber. She also adores Garfield, Lady Gaga and many others.

Make sure to keep an eye on Brendα♥:]‘s account, or add her as a friend to stay up to date with her wonderfully creative mind. Keep up the great work Brendα♥:]!

You can visit Brendα♥:] ImageChef account right over here: Brendα♥:] on ImageChef

ImageChef for iPhone now featuring Instagram Connect!

Happy almost Easter everyone! We are very proud to announce that the ImageChef and ImageChef+ Apps for iPhone are now featuring Instagram Connect!

This means that you can now upload your amazing ImageChef creations to Instagram and share them with the thriving Instagram community! To upload a photo create a template or select a creation from you ImageChef library, then click on save/share:

Then simply select “Share with Instagram” and you can connect to your Instagram feed!

If you already have the ImageChef or ImageChef+ iPhone App make sure to update in order to get Instagram capability.

If you don’t already have the ImageChef or ImageChef+ iPhone Apps what are you waiting for? ImageChef is free to download, and ImageChef+ is a bargin, head over to the App store to snag them today:

Download ImageChef App for iPhone:
Download ImageChef+ App for iPhone:

Awesome Updates

If you are like me and you visit all the time, then you’ve probably noticed that we’ve changed the look and feel of our site a bit as of late. I just wanted to take a moment to draw attention to a few of the awesome changes we’ve made…

First off when you first arrive at our homepage we’ve changed the location of our sign in, now you find it at the top right hand corner of your screen instead of on the navigation bar.

Once you’ve logged in the top of your screen will now look like this, making is easy to access or update your account, check out your points, or log out.

We’ve also changed the look of our ‘Like’ button. Additionally you are now able to ‘Like’ stuff, or comment on it from your news feed on the homepage now once you are logged in.

Lastly we’ve added some great Social-Media links to our homepage, so if you haven’t already done so you can Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, stay up to date with our Pinterest account or +1 us and add us to your circle on Google+!

We hope your as excited about these new changes as we are. Keep an eye on the blog for more exciting updates and keep up all the great work!

Proudly Presenting ImageChef User of the Month for March 2012 : Jacquelinε

ImageChef, Creative
Isn’t it crazy that March is almost over? 2012 sure is flying by so far. As signs of Spring start to surface and Winter fades away, we over at ImageChef are drawn to bright colors reminiscent of the vibrance of the changing seasons. In light of this bright color fixation, it is no surprise that our ImageChef User of the Month for March 2012 is the lovely Jacquelinε !
ImageChef, Creative
Jacquelinε hails from Mexico, and has only been using ImageChef since 2011, but has made quite a splash in that time! Her amazing remixes, and love of the ImageChef community makes her a user you’ll want to keep an eye on.

What we find most unique about Jacquelinε‘s creations is her wonderful usage of Text, and her affinity towards strong ladies like Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, or just random girls captured in moments of exhilaration.
ImageChef, Creative
Head over to Jacquelinε‘s profile and add her to keep up to date on her creations, and until next time Jacquelinε, keep up the great work!

You can visit Jacquelinε‘s ImageChef Profile right over here: