ImageChef Frame-By-Frame Animation Has Arrived!

At ImageChef we are well aware that creativity comes in all different shapes and sizes. Our users are gifted at telling a story through words and images, and we are continuously impressed with their ingenuity, the clever ways they stretch our tools to the limit are truly endless.

We are very excited to introduce a new tool that will allow our advanced users to take their mastery to a whole new level. Our ImageChef Sketchpad tool now supports Frame-by-frame animation! Many of our users have already picked up on how to use this neat new tool, but for those of you who need a little tutorial we’d like to walk you through how it works…

Begin by launching ImageChef Sketchpad:

When Sketchpad launches you will notice a little animation icon at the bottom of the screen, click on it to pull up the Animation toolbar…

Only the bottom of your screen will change, and you will see a variety of new options, get started by adding elements to your sketchpad, once you have a base image to work with click the PLUS sign to add on another frame…

After you have added a few frames you can preview your animation by clicking on the little Screen icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen…

You can speed up or slow down the duration of a frame by clicking on the Tortoise(slow) or the Hare(fast) icons. If you make a mistake and want to delete a frame, simply click the trashcan.

Once you have finished your animation save it to your gallery, share it as a template that other users can insert their photos into, or share it on Facebook, Twitter, or a variety of other social media sites.

Head over to ImageChef Sketchpad to give it a try and don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions or problems! We hope you enjoy this new tool, and we are so excited to see what you will do with it!

Joie De Vivre is in the air, with ImageChef User of the Month for July 2012 Princess!

With the 2012 Olympics kicking off, and summer in full swing, it is no surprise that there is a sense of excitement in the air. This Joie De Vivre seems to be contagious, and is definitely a strong force in the carefree colorful creations of our ImageChef User of the Month for July 2012 Princess!

Princess, an exceptionally artistic young damsel hails from France, and her creations highlight the majesty of the city where Joie De Vivre was born. An ImageChef User since 2011, Princess has quickly mastered out sketchpad, and pushes the boundaries with her animated masterpieces. Her imagery is infused with a love of life that is hard to overlook, and makes this blogger want to jump for joy!

Princess is an avid contributor to many popular ImageChef groups including; ❤тяûε❤яôмäηcε ❤, justin bieber FAN CLUB, Color My World and many more. Her immersion and love of the ImageChef Community shines through in work.

Start Following Princess, to stay up to see what she’s gonna cook up next over at ImageChef! Hit up her ImageChef Profile Right over here: Princess on ImageChef

The ImageChef App for goes Text-tastic with the release of Version 4.2!

Do you ever feel like your forgetting something important and you can’t quite put your finger on it? It’s probably because you’ve forgotten to update your ImageChef iPhone or iPad App, and you’re missing out on loads of new features! Next time you jump on your iPhone or iPad, make sure that you are running the latest version of the popular ImageChef App. Why the latest version you ask? Becuase we’ve introduced Visual Poetry into version 4.2 of the ImageChef App!

Your favorite words and photos can get cozy like never before as you create text bordered photo-frames, colorful word collages, and poetic masterpieces. Go snag the latest version of the App today to bring out your inner Shakespeare.

What else is new in Version 4.2? We’ve added color-change-ability to a lot of your favorite text and photo templates like the Post-It Note or the Floating Hearts Template.

And if that is not enough, we’ve also added a few new text templates, just to keep you on your feet ;-). Go get the latest version of the App to get in on the fun, or if you don’t have the App yet get it for free on the App Store now: ImageChef iPhone and iPad App

Go update your ImageChef App today! And remember, if you find you’ve fallen in love with Visual Poetry, you can always get the full Visual Poetry iPhone and iPad App as well. Snag it right over here: Visual Poetry for the iPhone and iPad

Our Four-Legged Friends on ImageChef

Summer is in full swing over at ImageChef, and what better way to spend your summertime than outside in the sunshine with your favorite four-legged friend? ImageChef Artists are huge fans of their pets and animals in general. From Cats to Kangaroos, the animal kingdom is well represented on the ImageChef website, on our ImageChef iPhone App, and on Instagram. Snag a cup of ice cold lemonade, and kick back while we share some of the cutest animals on ImageChef with you…

This poor Puppy is feeling kinda desperate, and will work for Pizza, Get out of the doghouse with this ImageChef Text Template.

ImageChef user Pely thinks this Gremlin is a Creepshow, but we think it is a cuteshow, check out her Sketchpad Remix by clicking here.

And last but not least, this Kitten is not feeling like himself, and seems to be beginning his transition into Bat Kitty, check out this creation by ImageChef user MVira by clicking here.

Head over to ImageChef to feast your eyes on more animal cuteness, and enjoy taking your pets out for a walk in this season of sunshine!

Her Remixes are heating up, and so is she! Meet ImageChef User of the Month for June mαrïα ● ѕιмσnℓιƒє!

We at ImageChef cannot believe that June is already almost over! Hopefully everyone has been eating popsicles, hanging out at the swimming pool, and having a blast enjoying their summers. When you need to beat the heat you can always go inside your house, log onto ImageChef and create something fabulous. It seems that is just what our ImageChef User of the Month for June 2012 has been doing, we are pleased to present mαrïα ● ѕιмσnℓιƒє!

mαrïα ● ѕιмσnℓιƒє! hails from Spain, and has only been using ImageChef since 2012, yet it has not taken her long to make a splash in our creative community, quickly becoming one of our favorite ImageChef users!

Common themes in mαrïα ● ѕιмσnℓιƒє!‘s creations include, Love, Color, and most importantly Fun, making her an excellent User of the Month for June, what better time for fun than Summer?

This creative lady marks her ImageChef remixes with her name, ‘Maria’, a signature that has become synonymous with greatness in the ImageChef world. Go follow mαrïα ● ѕιмσnℓιƒє! on ImageChef to keep up with all her amazing work, and till next time, good luck beating the heat!

You can visit mαrïα ● ѕιмσnℓιƒє!‘s ImageChef Account right over here: mαrïα ● ѕιмσnℓιƒє! on ImageChef