Whoa-oh It's Magic…With ImageChef User of the Month for January 2013 Aaaysel!

Welcome to 2013! The New Year is ripe with promise as we wrap up January, and what better way to do so than by sharing a little magic. Without further adeiu we would like to introduce one very magical lady : Our ImageChef User of the Month for January 2013 Aaaysel!

Known far and wide across the ImageChef galaxy as the creator of the best animated Remixes, Aaaysel has truly mastered our animation technology. Currently living in Turkey, Aaaysel joined ImageChef in 2010, and has been a dedicated ImageChef artist ever since.

Aaaysel takes us on vacations of the mind with her moving image magic. To the countryside – to the beach – to the river, and most importantly to the heart. If you are following Aaaysel you will see it all.

A fan of Adriana Lima, a famous Victoria Secrets Model, Aaaysel empowers women in her creations. An active member of the ImageChef community, Aaaysel is in many groups including but not limited to: COoL WORLD, Fαηţαsý 回 Ωôяℓd 回, and Sticker. She is also an active contributor to our popular Remix Party group!

Follow Aaaysel today to keep up with her magical creations – and till next time Aaaysel keep on casting your spells!

You can find Aaaysel at her unique ImageChef URL: http://www.imagechef.com/Aaaysel

Simply Fantastic, With User of The Month for December 2012 ♡αℓɪcɪα!

At ImageChef, we are huge fans of the simple things in life. Beautiful pictures, Sunny Days, Ice Cream Sundaes, Smiles, these things make us happy. This month we are celebrating the simple things in life, with our ImageChef User of the Month for December 2012 ♡αℓɪcɪα!

Hailing from the Phillipines, ♡αℓɪcɪα has been using ImageChef since 2010, and our 13 year old superstar has taken advantage of every moment to create beautiful ImageChef Masterpieces that celebrate the simple things in life!

From her love of Nutella spread, to here fascination with the simple whimsy of the world – ballet shoes – New Years Eve – One Direction - ♡αℓɪcɪα continuously inspires us with her creations.

An active participant in ImageChef groups, ♡αℓɪcɪα stands out as a member of a number of  Fαηţαsý 回 Ωôяℓd 回, Thinking Of You♥, ♥♥♥ONE DIRECTION ♥♥♥, Ծυʀ ƪℴѵɛ and many more!

♡αℓɪcɪα is also a dedicated friend, as she recently demonstrated when she welcomed ImageChef user Kira back with this awesome Remix:

Head over to ♡αℓɪcɪα ‘s Imagechef Profile to follow her and stay up to date with her latest and greatest. It has been a great year for ImageChef, and we have seen some incredible User of the Month’s, stay tuned for more in 2013!

You can find ♡αℓɪcɪα at her ImageChef Url: http://www.imagechef.com/leeshaa

Find Your Friends On ImageChef!

Have you ever wanted to find a friend on ImageChef but all you know is their Username, and you have no clue how to locate their profile? Well worry not – your days of being unable to find your friends on ImageChef are over! We are excited to announce our new search features which will allow you search for your friends on ImageChef.com!

All you need is the Username or Email Address of the ImageChef Artist you would like to find. Then go to ImageChef.com and click on the ‘People’ tab…

Once you have opened up the people tab, enter the Username or Email Address of the user you would like to find and click ‘Search’

A list of users will appear with variations of the same Username or Email Address you have searched for. Scroll through the list till you find the user you are searching for, and make sure to Follow them so you have their updates coming up in your newsfeed!

Try out this new feature today, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or comments, we always encourage feedback: support@imagechef.com

Bring On The Swagger with ImageChef User of the Month ∞ ᴋiᴍ!

Christmas is coming, the time of year to spread holiday cheer and party like it’s 2012! With this celebratory spirit in the air, it is no wonder that our ImageChef User of the Month for November 2012 is a swaggeriffic party animal like ∞ ᴋiᴍ!

Hailing from Spain ∞ ᴋiᴍ has been using ImageChef since 2011, and has made quite a splash with her Pop-Music inspired creations. From Justin Bieber, to Chris Brown to Carly Rae Jepsen ∞ ᴋiᴍ adores the gamut of up and coming pop music sensations, this passion makes her Remixes inspiring and full of energy.

∞ ᴋiᴍ not only uses ImageChef to recognize her favorite musicians, but also to celebrate her friendships. An active member of the ImageChef community, ∞ ᴋiᴍ pays homage to her friends through her Remixes, like in the above creation dedicated to ImageChef Artist мαℓιкα∞.

Make sure to follow ∞ ᴋiᴍ to keep up with her creations and to get the party started!

You can find ∞ ᴋiᴍ at her Unique ImageChef URLbiebsraebeadles

Make sure you get your Unique ImageChef URL today if you haven’t yet!

Get Your Unique ImageChef Username & URL Today!

Being an ImageChef user is all about expressing yourself and creating a unique presence in the ImageChef community and on the world wide web. We are very excited to announce yet another way to stand-out on ImageChef.com : you can now choose a unique ImageChef Username  and URL!  Follow these simple steps below to snag your name today…

First go to ImageChef.com and log into your account. Once you are logged click on your username in the top left hand corner and go down to ‘My Account’

Once you are in your account you will notice that there is a field that reads ‘Username: Username not set…’ In order to choose your name and set this field click on the ‘Change Account Settings’ Button…

Now enter the URL you would like into the ‘Username’ field. After you have entered your URL of choice scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save’

And voila! Now when you go to your My Stuff page you will see your unique URL in your navigation bar, as well as below your photo! Congrats on getting your unique ImageChef URL, post it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or your Blog to share it with the world!

Please Note: There can only be one of each Username/URL so be sure to snag yours today while it is still available!