Say Hello to ImageChef's New Paint Bucket Tool!

Ever since we added the ability to mask out objects in ImageChef Sketchpad our users have exceeded our wildest expectations, by creating awesome remixes and terrific templates. Masking an object (or deleting the background)- as many of our users know – can be quite time consuming. That is why we are thrilled to introduce a brand new tool that is essentially a short-cut to a great masked image… the ‘Paint Bucket’ Tool!

This new tool will help you create awesome Stickers which you can save, share, and use again at a later time.

Read through our nifty ‘Paint Bucket’ tool tutorial to learn the in’s and out’s of this great new feature and get masking today!

Masking with the Paint Bucket Tool on

Step 1: Get started by going to, launching ImageChef Sketchpad and pulling up a photo that you would like to mask, and clicking on the masking toolbar…

Step 2: Once you have pulled up the masking menu bar, select the ‘Paint Bucket’ Tool…

Step 3: Begin to click on the areas (most commonly the background) that you would like deleted. Each click will delete a portion of the image…

Step 4: Continue clicking till all the areas you do not want to be part of your image have been deleted…

Step 5: Once you are fairly close to having the image masked out, choose one of the detail masking tools and use it to clean up the rest of your image…

Step 6: Now that your image is all masked out, grab an awesome background, and add other images and text to create a great remix! Save and share with your friends!

The Paint Bucket tool is also a great way to make stickers. We have added this functionality to our sticker maker tool as well as to our Sketchpad!

Have a blast using this new tool! The ‘Paint Bucket tool was suggested by ImageChef artist Caroline – If you have any ideas for features you would like added to the ImageChef website please don’t hesitate to email us – we’d love to hear your ideas and will try to add them to site for you and other users to enjoy!

Spring Into Action With User of The Month Soara

On behalf of everyone at ImageChef we’d like to wish you a ‘Happy Easter’! Along with Easter comes the arrival of spring, and as flora and fauna flourishes and grows, so have the skills of our ImageChef User of the Month for March 2013 Soara!

Hailing from the Czech Republic, Soara has only been using ImageChef since 2011, but has become a master of one of our most advanced tools in that short time : Frame-by-frame Animation.

From celebrating holidays like easter with moving chirping chicks, to making a clown juggle cupcakes and wizard hats Soara has used her creativity to truly push our animation tools to the limit.

Soara loves cartoons, disco, and bright popping colors. Her creations are playful and inspiring.

Follow Soara today to keep up with her latest and greatest Remixes, and till next time, have fun jumping into spring!

Soara on

Celebrate Star Power With ImageChef User of the Month -[●вℓαηкzн●]-!

On this momentous day the 85th Academy Awards celebrate star power by recognizing the most impressive films and stars of 2013 – It is no wonder that ImageChef would choose today to recognize a lady who possesses an equal amount of star power : Our ImageChef User of the Month for February 2013 -[●вℓαηкzн●]-!

From friendship to music -[●вℓαηкzн●]- appreciates the finer things in life. Her love of The Beatles is only outweighed by her passion for Romance!

-[●вℓαηкzн●]- is a believer in true love, from kisses in the rain to declarations of her love on ImageChef she keeps us inspired with her passion and optimism.

Follow -[●вℓαηкzн●]- on to keep up with her latest and greatest:

Whoa-oh It's Magic…With ImageChef User of the Month for January 2013 Aaaysel!

Welcome to 2013! The New Year is ripe with promise as we wrap up January, and what better way to do so than by sharing a little magic. Without further adeiu we would like to introduce one very magical lady : Our ImageChef User of the Month for January 2013 Aaaysel!

Known far and wide across the ImageChef galaxy as the creator of the best animated Remixes, Aaaysel has truly mastered our animation technology. Currently living in Turkey, Aaaysel joined ImageChef in 2010, and has been a dedicated ImageChef artist ever since.

Aaaysel takes us on vacations of the mind with her moving image magic. To the countryside – to the beach – to the river, and most importantly to the heart. If you are following Aaaysel you will see it all.

A fan of Adriana Lima, a famous Victoria Secrets Model, Aaaysel empowers women in her creations. An active member of the ImageChef community, Aaaysel is in many groups including but not limited to: COoL WORLD, Fαηţαsý 回 Ωôяℓd 回, and Sticker. She is also an active contributor to our popular Remix Party group!

Follow Aaaysel today to keep up with her magical creations – and till next time Aaaysel keep on casting your spells!

You can find Aaaysel at her unique ImageChef URL: