Straight From The Heart With ImageChef User Of The Month For August 2013: Lîη∂α✪ღ

Let’s get ready to spring into September. Each year, fall is ripe with promise as school starts and lives change. What’s the best way to approach such exciting changes? Straight from the heart! So naturally this is a great time to introduce Lîη∂α✪ღ as our User of the Month for August 2013. Lîη∂α✪ღ constantly impresses us with her sincere beautiful creations, and we are thrilled to share them with you.

Hailing from Mexico, Lîη∂α✪ღ is 15 years old, and has been using ImageChef since 2011. In the past few years she has enhanced the ImageChef Community with her creativity.

Introducing herself as ‘Linda Karadashian’ Lîη∂α✪ღ clearly has a thing for pop-culture. From Marilyn Monroe to Demi Lovato she is inspired by the honesty behind these stars endevours.

A firm believer in the magic of the world, Lîη∂α✪ღ loves life and lives it to it’s fullest. From adoring animals, to being a sports fan, her engagement is infinite.

As you being your fall look to Lîη∂α✪ღs ImageChef creations for some inspiration and motivation. Till next time..Happy September!

Visit Lîη∂α✪ღ‘s profile on right over here: Lîη∂α✪ღ

Start The School Year Off Right With Sweet New Stuff From ImageChef!

Are you ready for Back to School Fall 2013? We at ImageChef have been preparing for weeks! It can be hard to say farewell to Summer and head back to the classroom, so to help you make it through this tricky time of transition we’ve released loads of new Photo-Frames and Text Templates!

First off, start school with a bang just like Mean Girls star Cady Heron! You too can be ‘so fetch’ with our new ID Card photo-frame.

Take your ambitions sky high this Fall 2013 with our new Scaffolding Sign Text Template!

What will you draw when you are daydreaming in class? Show us with our new Sketchpad Text Template.

And last but not least, don’t forget the best part of going back to school: hanging with your friends! Show off your favorite memories with our new Cut & Paste Photo-Frame.

Enjoy these template treats as you jump into fall and good luck kicking off your school year, we  just know it will be the best one ever!

Get Ready for Friendship & Magic with ImageChef User of the Month for July 2013 Ana Maria!

Sadly July is almost over. We hope that your Summers have been filled with magical moments and fantastic friendships. The last precious moments of July may be slipping away but luckily Summer will linger on through August and September, and the Summer Fun will continue! To celebrate the magic that is intrinsic to the season, we’ve chosen a User of the Month who exemplifies the all things summer. A maven of fun, friendship and magic, we are excited to introduce your ImageChef User of the Month for July 2013 Ana Maria.

Hailing from Mexico Ana Maria has been using ImageChef since 2011, during which time she has become a valued star of the ImageChef Community. After folks have been using ImageChef for awhile, we often discover that their talents emerge in specific areas. The area where Ana Maria truly excels is in her creation of templates, great remixes that other ImageChef Users can insert their face into like photo-frames.

Ana Maria‘s creations are not limited to amazing templates. She also has a soft spot for cartoons, and her playful creations always make us smile. From adoring spins on Despicable Me’s Minions to whimsical renditions of Tinkerbell, Ana Maria‘s love of animation is contagious.

Ana Maria is an irreplaceable member of our close knit ImageChef community, and enjoys creating shout out remixes for her favorite friends and users, such as this Birthday Remix for Lupe.

Head over to Ana Maria‘s ImageChef page and follow her to keep up with her energy packed remixes and templates. Till next time…keep enjoying your summer!

Follow Ana Maria on

Introducing Visual Poetry Version 4.0!

We’re excited to introduce Visual Poetry Version 4.0, a revamp of the popular app for iPhone and iPad by the makers of ImageChef! Visual Poetry lets you create beautiful text collages. Type your text or phrase and watch it instantly become a unique word mosaic in a variety of shapes, colors and styles.

We’ve added 3 original fonts and host of new text arrangement styles and sizes to suit your every creative whim.

The new release also includes 24 symbols basic symbols, or you can draw you own shapes. We’ve also added touch-interactivity to the new version, users can pinch and drag to resize and rotate individual words.

The app allows you to share your creations on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or via Email. The hot new look is just the beginning, download or update today to get in the fun!

Download from the App Store today; or get connected on

New Fonts & Symbols From ImageChef!

Have you heard the news?!? has just released three brand new fonts and a slew of new symbols for your remixing delight.

Our three new fonts are Notebook, Pen & Ink, and Paper, and they are available on all parts of our site, as well as on the ImageChef App. We’ve also added a variety of great new symbols to Sketchpad!

To use these great new features, head over to and start getting creative in Sketchpad! We can’t wait to see what you can do with these great new tools!