Why YOU Should Go ImageChef Pro!


Spring has officially begun! As the most sprightly of seasons kicks off the ImageChef team has been working overtime to ensure that there are plenty of fantastic features to make your Spring 2014 the most memorable ever. Today we wanted to share with you some of our great new tools that are exclusively available to our ImageChef Pro Users. Pro users have access to an entire library of add on’s that make an account a must have if you are seeking a more flexible ImageChef experience. There has never been a better time to upgrade, read on to see why now is the time to treat yourself to ImageChef Pro!


For starters, when an ImageChef user upgrades to ImageChef Pro they will no longer see ads as part of their ImageChef experience. They will also be able to save any ImageChef template or photo-frame they customize without watermarks, making a pro account an ideal match for anyone looking to create graphics for marketing or promotional usage. The flexiblility that accompanies our ImageChef Pro accounts is perfect for any aspiring entrepreneur because all images created with an ImageChef Pro account are licensed for business use.


Purchasing an ImageChef Pro account allows users to access fonts and special effects throughout the website that are off limits to non-pro users. ImageChef’s ‘Sketchpad’ becomes much more versatile when users have a pro account as they can access unique animation effects and some of our most popular fonts. If you go Pro you will also be able to resize any photo-frame or text template from ImageChef to your desired dimensions and save to your library for future use or modification.


Lastly we’ve recently enabled our Pro users to create high resolution versions of most of our templates which can be easily downloaded and saved to your computer. These images can be printed or reproduced at full quality boasting an average pixel ration of 2100px x 1500px. This new optimized resizing is available for Word MosaicBeach MessageBirthday CakePrivate Jet, and Chain Link Fence and many many more of our templates.

ImageChef provides a Satisfaction Guarantee, and if you are unsatisfied with your upgrade we will refund your payment within 2 business days.

To upgrade or read our Terms of Use head over to the ImageChef Pro page on ImageChef.com today: http://www.imagechef.com/ic/upgrade-imagechef.jsp

Taste the Rainbow with User of the Month for February 2014 Bouchaib

For many February is most romantic of months, once Valentine’s Day has passed the magic seems to persist allowing the second month of each year to be synonymous with love. Our User of the Month for February 2014  knows a thing or two about magic and finding colorful beauty in unexpected places. We are excited to invite you to taste the rainbow with ImageChef‘s User of the Month for February 2014 Bouchaib!

Hailing from Morocco, Bouchaib has been an avid ImageChef User since 2011. These past three years have been quite prolific for Bouchaib who wasted no time stealing our hearts and taking us on journeys of the mind where with his remixes he exposes us to strange and wonderful beauty.

Bouchaib says in his profile that he is happy to have good friends and that he considers friendship to be sacred. It comes as no surprise to us that Bouchaib is not only a passionate creator who stands out in the ImageChef community but also a loyal friend to all who he connects with.

Another thing that sets Bouchaib apart as an ImageChef allstar is his excellent use of color in his work. From lips to birds to rainbows, vibrance abounds his user page.

Head over to ImageChef.com and follow Bouchaib today to stay up to date with his latest and greatest! We’ll see you next month as we spring into March.

ImageChef App for Android has Arrived!

Have you always wanted to download the awesome ImageChef App, but can’t because you have an Android phone or tablet and it is only available for iPhone? Well all that is about to change! We are excited to announce the release of the ImageChef App for Android phones and other devices.

The App is free to download, and features loads of classic text and photo templates, with some extra special ones available to purchase for a low cost. You can sign up for an ImageChef Account, or log in if you already have one giving you instant access to your saved remixes and photos, and your news feed to stay up to date on what’s going on with your friends!

Head over to the Google Play Store on your Android phone or device to download the App and get in on the fun, or head over to the app store on the web for more info and screenshots: http://www.imagechef.com/ic/imagechef-android.jsp

Sticking to ImageChef Valentine's Day 2014!

Valentine’s Day
is less than a week away! As you get ready to celebrate this very romantic day with that special someone, we have some exciting news to sweeten the countdown…Valentine’s stickers have arrived in ImageChef Sketchpad and in the ImageChef App!

From candy hearts to long stemmed roses to cupid’s bow and arrow, we’ve got just the graphic to help you woo the apple of your eye. Head over to ImageChef Sketchpad or update your ImageChef App today to start creating custom Valentine’s greetings.

Till next time, we at ImageChef hope you have a very happy Valentine’s day 2014!

Introducing Zooming Visual Poetry Video in ImageChef+ 6.6!

Happy February! We hope the first month of 2014 has been fabulous for you all and that your February has started off with a bang! Ours at ImageChef sure has with the release of ImageChef and ImageChef+ version 6.6! This update includes a few new features, most notable of which is the ability to create amazing new Zooming Visual Poetry Videos in ImageChef+!

What is Zooming Visual Poetry Video you ask? It is a new tool that will allow you put a message or song lyrics into our Visual Poetry templates when using the ImageChef+ App, then when you click ‘save/share’ then ‘Make Video’ your text and the template will automatically animate to create a video with your message.

A great way to share your favorite song lyrics with friends on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, we used it to show off two of our favorites: ‘Give Your Heart A Break‘ by Demi Lovato and ‘Adore You‘ by Miley Cyrus!

Download the update, or upgrade to ImageChef+ today to try out this great new feature! With Valentine’s day right around the corner it is also a great way to tell that special someone how much you care.

Download ImageChef 6.6: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imagechef-mix-text-photos/id330357169?mt=8
Download ImageChef+ 6.6 featuring Zooming Video: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imagechef+-caption-frame-your/id324581493?mt=8