Five Ways to Trick your Friends with ImageChef this April Fools!

With only two days left in March April Fools Day is right around the corner. Haven’t had time to plan any elaborate pranks to foil your friends or foes this year? Never fear, ImageChef has your back with this go-to list of five easy ideas to make your friends ROFL on April 1st!


1. Tweet using ImageChef’s Stadium Screen photo-frame to make your friends believe you proposed to your girlfriend or boyfriend over the weekend.


2. Post on your friend’s Facebook Wall using ImageChef’s Sweatshirt photo-frame with their picture in it and ask them coyly: “Hey I saw this sweatshirt with your face on it for sale at Urban Outfitters, are you getting royalties?”


3. Celebrities receiving stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is normal news, but what about your friends favorite singer? Trick them into thinking their idol crush made the cut by putting their name on Hollywood Boulevard using ImageChef’s Walk of Fame text template. We chose One Direction’s Harry Styles to help illustrate.


4. What’s the strangest thing your can imagine making the cover of the newspaper? Think of a clever headline and make it real with ImageChef’s Newspaper photo-frame, for instance: ‘Nyan Cat Seen Over NYC’!


5. Have a Journey fan in your life? Make them believe that their favorite bands lyrics appeared in a field, with ImageChef’s Crop Circles text template!

We hope these ideas will get your creative juices flowing and inspire some lighthearted practical jokes this April Fools Day. If you’re not on a computer remember that you have the power of prank in the palm of your hand with the ImageChef App. Till next time, we wish you the best of luck foiling your friends!

March Magic with ImageChef User of the Month KᒪᗩᑌᗪIᗩ


March of 2014 is almost over, can you believe it? We’ve been feeling some March Magic as we browse the profile of our ImageChef User of the Month for March 2014 KᒪᗩᑌᗪIᗩ!


Hailing from Mexico KᒪᗩᑌᗪIᗩ has been using ImageChef since 2009 and is an experienced master of all ImageChef’s tools. From Bannermaker, to Mememaker, to the Visual Poetry Features in our Apps – she’s fantastic at it all!


A lover of animals many of KᒪᗩᑌᗪIᗩs remixes feature cats, bears, or other cuddly creatures. Her whimsical creations warm our hearts and invigorate our minds. KᒪᗩᑌᗪIᗩ enjoys all things cute and also uses an ‘animated’ or ‘cartoony’ aesthetic for many of her creations.


A passionate and active member of the ImageChef community, KᒪᗩᑌᗪIᗩ is the creator and moderator of the popular ஜღஜLAS MEJORES PLANTILLASஜღஜ Group on ImageChef (which boasts 1003 members!). As leader of this group KᒪᗩᑌᗪIᗩ helps find and share the ‘Best Templates’ on our website with other users.


Follow KᒪᗩᑌᗪIᗩ on ImageChef to stay up to date with her latest and greatest creations: KᒪᗩᑌᗪIᗩ

Group Spotlight March 2014: RemiXes


St. Patty’s Day is almost upon us, and we at ImageChef are feeling lucky…that we have such a fantastic ImageChef Community! As their tagline says we’re about to ‘Make Your Day’ by sharing a unique facet of the ImageChef Community with you in our Group Spotlight for March 2014: The RemiXes Group!


Boasting over 5000 members ImageChef’s RemiXes Group has a diverse collection of creations which it’s members share with each other. From treats, to optimistic messages to music inspired imagery, this group has it all.


Drawing members from all over the globe, it’s no wonder that the participants in the RemiXes group promote an open minded theology. The dedicated artists in the RemiXes group are an excellent example of what can happen when a worldwide community breaks down boundaries and embraces the power of friendship.


Every creation that comes out of ImageChef’s Sketchpad is classified as a ‘Remix‘ so it’s no wonder this group has such a variety of content. Take a closer look at the RemiXes group today to get in on the fun and share your ImageChef in a fantastic facet of our community.


You can join the RemiXes Group on by clicking here!

ImageChef for Marketing


Known to many as a fun creative website where people of all ages can ‘Express Themselves InstantlyImageChef reigns as a global hub for internet inspiration. What many people do not know is that ImageChef is also a flexible platform through which marketing materials of all varieties can be created and output to suit any promotional need. Users can create banner ads or mastermind graphics for their website.  From creating images for to accompany your social media blast to formatting tight printed collateral and sizing it for practical application, the possibilities are limitless. Today we would like to guide you through a few scenarios where ImageChef can be the solution to all your marketing needs and suggest creation of an ImageChef Pro account to take your business to the next level.


Need some snazzy graphics to send out with your company’s social media updates, and do you need the graphics to have the correct image licensing? If you have an ImageChef Pro account you can create great graphics like the above to send out to promote discounts, events, or any business need under the sun. With a pro account the image you create will be royalty free and un-watermarked! We used our Clover Text Template for the above example in honor of St. Patty’s Day.


What if you want to put up a digital ad using a platform like Google Ads, but you  don’t have an in house artist to create your artwork, and you don’t have the overhead to invest in expensive creative programs like Photoshop or InDesign? Never fear, once again ImageChef has you covered with our flexible resizing options that allow ImageChef Pro users to create crop and resize their ImageChef Artwork. The above banner was made using ImageChef’s Banner Maker Tool which is also great for creating Facebook banners.


Putting together a new website and you need some assets to accompany your text? With an extensive library of hundreds of text templates and photo-frames you’re bound to find what you need on ImageChef. If you upgrade your account to pro you can use any of our great templates without a watermark, royalty free. The above image uses one of our most popular templates, ImageChef’s ‘Sticky Note’.


What if you need to print out a fun poster celebrating all of your employee’s birthday’s in the month of March, and you need a high resolution graphic that you can personalize to make them feel special? With ImageChef Pro’s fantastic resizing options you can optimize most of our templates for high resolution printing (Max size 2100px x 1500px). For this example we used ImageChef’s Birthday Cake Text Template.

As you can see ImageChef is the perfect tool to use when looking for simple marketing solutions for your business. Head over to to see everything we have to offer, or read our blog post about the fantastic features in ImageChef Pro to understand the limitless potential ImageChef can bring to your business.

Why YOU Should Go ImageChef Pro!


Spring has officially begun! As the most sprightly of seasons kicks off the ImageChef team has been working overtime to ensure that there are plenty of fantastic features to make your Spring 2014 the most memorable ever. Today we wanted to share with you some of our great new tools that are exclusively available to our ImageChef Pro Users. Pro users have access to an entire library of add on’s that make an account a must have if you are seeking a more flexible ImageChef experience. There has never been a better time to upgrade, read on to see why now is the time to treat yourself to ImageChef Pro!


For starters, when an ImageChef user upgrades to ImageChef Pro they will no longer see ads as part of their ImageChef experience. They will also be able to save any ImageChef template or photo-frame they customize without watermarks, making a pro account an ideal match for anyone looking to create graphics for marketing or promotional usage. The flexiblility that accompanies our ImageChef Pro accounts is perfect for any aspiring entrepreneur because all images created with an ImageChef Pro account are licensed for business use.


Purchasing an ImageChef Pro account allows users to access fonts and special effects throughout the website that are off limits to non-pro users. ImageChef’s ‘Sketchpad’ becomes much more versatile when users have a pro account as they can access unique animation effects and some of our most popular fonts. If you go Pro you will also be able to resize any photo-frame or text template from ImageChef to your desired dimensions and save to your library for future use or modification.


Lastly we’ve recently enabled our Pro users to create high resolution versions of most of our templates which can be easily downloaded and saved to your computer. These images can be printed or reproduced at full quality boasting an average pixel ration of 2100px x 1500px. This new optimized resizing is available for Word MosaicBeach MessageBirthday CakePrivate Jet, and Chain Link Fence and many many more of our templates.

ImageChef provides a Satisfaction Guarantee, and if you are unsatisfied with your upgrade we will refund your payment within 2 business days.

To upgrade or read our Terms of Use head over to the ImageChef Pro page on today: