Group Spotlight November 2014: artistic expression ♥

32b2a5cbbe6c3d4fAlas ImageChef artists, winter is truly upon us. Snow flurries and cold weather is coming your way! But with it we also get to enjoy ice skating, snowball fights, adorable winter clothing like scarves and hats, and best of all the winter holidays! From here on out it’s a party all the way from Thanksgiving to New Years are you ready for it? Sometimes it takes a little inspiration to get into the holiday spirit and begin expressing yourself, which is why we’re thrilled to present an extra special Group Spotlight for November 2014: artistic expression ♥!

767ab647a0f2f7ddIt’s pretty much a rule of thumb on ImageChef that creativity abounds, so of course the artistic expression ♥ group is overflowing with positive artsy energies. So what exactly is it that separates this group from other groups making it a cut above the rest? We think it’s the artists who contribute to make this thriving micro-community one of the best!

643cd4f172fe9cf6Moderated by Karenzhiita Sixx, an ImageChef user well known for her bright creations laced with thrillingly dark undertones, the artistic expression ♥ group follows suit. Artistic expression is not always light and cheerful, members of this group don’t just relish in whimsy, but also admire and explore the darker side of the world.

6e0a59402020ed1eMembers of artistic expression ♥ all have a passion for fashion, and submit remixes showing off their favorite styles to share with their peers. Jewelry, makeup converse and more, this group has it all!

ef2c41293246a03cAnother popular theme is friendship and love, the artistic expression ♥ group members find new and exciting ways to talk about these classic topics through their creations.

fe7f7b2f036faf3eBecome a member of the artistic expression ♥ group on today to take your creative expression to the next level, and till next time…stay warm!

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Pretty In Pink With ImageChef User of the Month for October 2014 Lexi Brener

api2a4123129c5b74beWhoa, whoa, WHOA! Is it already November and is Halloween really over? Time sure flies when you’re having fun carving pumpkins, eating candy, and dressing in costumes. The best part of Halloween being over is that Thanksgiving is right around and the corner with Christmas hot on it’s heels. The holiday season is always so festive and full of color, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce you to a our User of the Month for October 2014, a lady who’s love of color gravitates towards pink…Meet Miss Lexi Brener!
e91575032c641b65Lexi Brener is an ImageChef newbie by all official standards. She has only been using ImageChef since 2014 but her superb profile and bright flashy remixes quickly caught our eye. We are planning to continue to watch this rising star and so should you, here’s why…
As a lady of class and lover of Pop Culture Lexi Brener references classic movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This remix showcases one of our favorite Aubrey Hepburn quotes:

Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls.

api1c97d17e21b83b26A strong character can be quite intriguing, and Lexi Brener has that as well. Inspiration and pride are both strong themes in her creations.
Lastly pink is clearly Lexi Breners signature color, and it reigns high across her profile. From pink nails to Barbie to pink lips and all styles of pink clothing, Lexi Brener loves pink!

Follow Lexi Brener on ImageChef at her unique ImageChef URL to keep up with all the exciting places Lexi will go. Till next time: stay bright.

Learning Concrete Poetry With ImageChef’s Visual Poetry App

photo (4)

Humans of all ages thrive on learning. For children and adults everywhere existence is enriched by education. Was your favorite class in school English? Do you have a passion for poetry that you can’t help but share with those around you? If you answered yes to either of these questions than ImageChefVisual Poetry App is just the tool to express your poetic impulses. While this versatile App has many uses, today we are going to explore how Visual Poetry can be used as a vehicle to teach Concrete Poetry to students of all ages.

photo 2 copy

Never heard of Concrete Poetry? Don’t fret, we’re more than happy to explain. Concrete Poetry is poetry in which the meaning of the poem is portrayed in a visual manner. For example, if you are writing a poem about a duck and your adjectives reference flying and wings, you could launch the Visual Poetry App to transform your poem into the shape of a duck, allowing the form the words take to be synonymous with your poem’s message. In the above example famous poet John Masefield’s verse The Wild Duck takes on the shape of a duck. For Concrete Poetry beginners good suggestions for content could be favorite animals or foods. Creating your own Concrete Poem using ImageChef’s Visual Poetry App is easy as 1,2,3…

photo 3

1. The first step to creating your Concrete Poem in Visual Poetry is to choose the shape which best correlates to the poem’s content, for instance for the rhyme Star Light, Star Bright you can choose a star as your jumping off point.

photo (1) copy

2. Next check the Visual Poetry App’s library of shapes to see if the shape you would like to use is already there, if it’s not you can use our paintbrush tool to draw your shape with your finger. We selected a star shape to match our poem’s subject.

photo (1)

3. Then type in the verses that you would like to include in your Concrete Poem by clicking the bar beside the quill and ink icon. Once you have entered your text click the check mark to save. Voila! The next screen should display your finished Concrete poem. Now you can share the poem with your class, or your friends via social media. You could even print it out and hang it on your fridge.

Now it’s time to try it for yourself or with your favorite student or class! Remember, the Visual Poetry App is also a great tool to assist educators in teaching poetry. Download the Visual Poetry App today to start getting poetic. Already crazy for ImageChef’s Visual Poetry App? You could also try the Visual Poetry tool on the ImageChef website to satisfy your cravings for prose:

Download Visual Poetry for iOS:

It’s Time to Party When Halloween Hits CyberLink’s YouCam Perfect & YouCam Makeup Apps!


What’s the best kind of party? A Halloween party! October is for ghosts and ghouls and breaking all the rules, and our partners at CyberLink are leading the trend. To ensure that Halloween 2014 will be the best ever they’re hosting a spectacular Halloween celebration complete with a trifecta of eerie App greatness: Seasonal updates to the YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect Apps, and a contest and costume party that will knock your orange and black striped socks off!


Will your makeup be glam or ghoulish this All Hallows Eve? This Halloween YouCam Makeup is taking guesswork out of the picture by allowing you to try on many costume perfect makeup treatments free of charge! Download the app and upload your photo to see whether you should be a Spider or Cleopatra, a Pumpkin or Poison Ivy. Say ‘bon voyage’ to that expensive makeup artist and get your perfect look with YouCam Makeup‘s digital cosmetic kit in the palm of your hand!


You ‘Trick or Treated’ and CyberLink delivered by adding the best tricks and treats imaginable to their YouCam Perfect App. You can get in the Halloween spirit by creating a photo collage of previous year’s costumes in one of these newly released photo frames, or you can share your photos from this year’s festivities on November 1st. Whatever the case this eerie update will have you saying ‘Boo!’ before you know it.

And last but not least… As you shake out your perfect costume with YouCam Makeupand share your Halloween successes with YouCam Perfect‘s new photo frames, make sure to save your most BOO-tiful creations and submit them to CyberLink’s YouCam Makeup Sweepstakes for a chance to win an iPhone 6! To join our Halloween party tag your masterpieces #YouCam4Fun #YouCamPerfect #YouCamMakeup #Halloween on Twitter or Instagram and enter this spooky sweepstakes.

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Group Spotlight October 2014: Bεαutιfuℓ Wσяℓd✿

Last month we explored the elements that make a ‘cOoL World‘ in our ImageChef Group Spotlight. This month we’re continuing our journey around the planet with a group that values aesthetics in their most lovely form, feast your eyes on our Group Spotlight for October 2014: Bεαutιfuℓ Wσяℓd✿!


Moderated by one of our favorite ImageChef creative spirits кιяα♥нσpε the Bεαutιfuℓ Wσяℓd✿ group is filled to the brim with insightful wisdom such as this gem: “LIVE in the Sunshine, SWIM the sea and JUST have FUN!”

1acd5631155816e3Are you passionate about the arts? Having enthusiasm for your career or hobby can make the world a warmer more beautiful place. ImageChef artist FloreciithaH added remix celebrating her art of choice photography to the Bεαutιfuℓ Wσяℓd✿ collection.

5d9d8e4d82a6969fLiving playfully by dressing up in costumes is another contributor to an already Bεαutιfuℓ Wσяℓd✿. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s only natural that we’re smitten with this remix suggesting you act like a cat!

181622b259aabf26Enjoying your favorite foods and sweet treats is definitely a beautiful experience. ImageChef artist ♡αℓɪcɪα enjoys ice cream the most!

What do you think makes for a Bεαutιfuℓ Wσяℓd✿? Join the Bεαutιfuℓ Wσяℓd✿ group today to share your ideas and inspirations with the ImageChef community.

Join the Bεαutιfuℓ Wσяℓd✿ Group by clicking here!